My favourite thing to alter?

Wednesday Stamper asked that question… and I suppose my favourite things to alter are dominos! Hermine loves to alter clocks and her example is wonderful. I think I like doms for lots of reasons – they’re fairly readily available, even here in deepest Devon I can usually find some somewhere! I love that they come in various materials, shapes and sizes. They lend themselves to inking, painting, image transfer, collage, stamping… they’re fairly simple to drill holes in (if you remember to put the drill on ‘forward’ instead of reverse!) and they make really robust, bag/bike charms, keyrings, pendants, etc. I even made a pair of earrings with them last year! So here are 3 examples of very different altered dominos:

This one is an image transfer using gel medium, painted with Anita’s 3D gloss.

An ancient dictionary definiton, overstamped with the Poppy stamp and glazed to finish – one of my personal favourites!

An image transfer on a trionimo of my “guardian angel” sitting on the crescent moon! Rather distressed, but awfully pretty!

I know some of you get a bit upset because you’re not confident about drilling into dominos, so I shall blog how I do it soon. Please be patient as I have a fair bit of prep left to finish – stages 3 & 4 of 3 new canvasses, beading, etc., title-cards for collages, etc. a poster saying who I am, packaging, certificates of authenticity, etc. etc. etc. and I want to look as professional as possible when I get to this Craft Fair!

After all, there will be ‘real’ artists there and I want to feel confident among them!!

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  1. Wonderful art work!

  2. Sandy

     /  October 22, 2008

    Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, what can I say ????
    So excellent domimo´s. Brilliant, wie immer 😀

  3. all three dominos look wonderful!

  4. Rosie,
    you are a real artist…
    A R T a small 3 letter word B U T a huge meaning.
    just enjoy the day be confident and learn from it…. I would choose your work over the likes of Constable… a ‘real artist’
    it’s personal choice.
    oh and mt deliberate mistake was that I stamped my CI ledger stamp upside down,,, haha
    chriss x

  5. Ooo….you must tell us all about your adventures at the craft fair! Wishing you all the best. Your work will shine without a doubt. Love your dominoes. I never think about them and I should. Each of yours is so different and all are beautiful.

  6. Wow they are gorgeous, like the triangle shape. Have to find me some

  7. All pieces look so great! Fab work, Rosie! :o)

  8. barnie

     /  October 22, 2008

    Fantastic, your altered dominos/triomino looks fab.

  9. Wow, all three of them are brilliant!!

  10. these are fantastic, especially the first one, the transfer is perfect and it’s a great pic too. you are so good at these, love it!!

  11. Wow, these are really amazing..such great work!
    (I’m just working on my first domino tonight. I shall look forward to learning how to drill into them.)

  12. especially love the transfer on the first one – it turned out perfect! the last one with the guardian angel is great, too!

  13. Wonderful !!!!!

  14. Your dominos are divine !!

  15. Whow…I love your creative artwork.
    The first one…beauty!!!

  16. As the lucky owner of one of your dominoes and having seen one “in the flesh” I can say you ARE an artist Rosie !
    Go enjoy your craft show and stop worrying hun…just remember…YOU ROCK ! x

  17. Fantastiv artwork! Love it!
    Lg Anke

  18. pat

     /  October 23, 2008

    YOU ARE AN ARTIST. and artist are the most critical of themselves and their work surley that must tell you something. Believe in your works and your works will be believed.

  19. I love domino’s too and these are super. I especially like the second one.


  20. I love your dominoes SO MUCH! Each one is uniquely beautiful!! I would love to see a photo gallery of your dominoes, or a slide. They are all fabulous, and that pumpkin image is adorable! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences at the Craft Fair!! Hope it’s all wonderful! XOXO

  21. Belinda

     /  October 24, 2008

    great altered dominos!

  22. carolann

     /  October 26, 2008

    You are so clever the pumpkin dominoe is my fav but they are all stunning WTG hun xxxxx

  1. Alter Sampler « Wednesday Stamper / Mittwochstempler

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