This Thursday, it’s all about…

being ‘Thrown a Curve’! So we can use curves, circles, ovals, squiggles or choose to interpret the theme in our own way. I threw myself a curve with this Arty-Farty Jeans Bag #2… I wanted a stylish, unusual jeans bag and I came up with the idea of using the leg of DD’s jeans for the body of the bag. Of course, it tapered outwards at the top and the bottom was narrower, but I thought it was really funky. I guess I look at things rather differently to most people, but then it wouldn’t be one of my bags if I didn’t!

It was quite complex to put together, so I had it all cut out and in pieces for a couple of weeks till I could get my brain organised and plan it’s execution, as it were. For some reason, this is how I work, or think, with fabric! Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the finished article, complete with blue waxed label!!

The base of the bag is circular – I used a CD for the idea – and it’s vinyl. That was quite fun to stitch… Here’s a closer view of the panel. I do love that image, don’t I? I just think she’s so diva/romantic/’come-hither’… divinely feminine! I find her expression very appealing.

The 2 art quotes are from MaVinci’s Reliquary – thanks Robin! The fabric panel is part of the Textile Pack I bought at the Scrapstore – all recycled, and I used a blue belt for the strap. The holes were fun to thread fibres through!!

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  1. this is extremely fun! I love the quotes you put on it.

  2. Oooh! Rosie – love it – so unique – I would love to walk down the street with such a great piece over my shoulder! and that image is brilliant too!


  3. WOW! What other words are there? You continue to amaze me, Rosie! This is quite a bag!! I would pack this up and send it to Haute Handbags right away!! I would bet that Amanda would publish this in a heart-beat!

  4. pat

     /  October 24, 2008

    You’ve done it again Rosie. a bag with stye and pannash for not loads of cash , thats worth a stash, you bag diva you.

  5. What a GREAT bag. Your talent is absolutely amazing:)
    Have a wonderful weekend


  6. carolann

     /  October 26, 2008

    Wow this is absolutely brilliant hun awesome WTG xxxxx

  7. Stunning work! LOVE this gorgeous bag!

  8. Stunning bag Rosie
    Love everything as usual. Great panel I> What did you do to the image > What is it printed on
    Thanks for joining in thisthursdayschallenge

  9. fab love it xxx

  10. That is so unusual, you are very creative.


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