Sweet? Moi?!!

Craftaway-a-Sunday has challenged us with the theme ‘Sweet’ and the tag in a bag is gorgeous! However, I’m one of those people who cannot do ‘sweet, cute or traditional’, so this was tough. I have had an unfinished mini-canvas on my desk and this, now it’s finished, is about as ‘sweet’ as I can get!

The image I used for the transfer is from DCS, the flourish from Crafty Individuals and the flower – dyed with blue and purple inks – is from Craftaway!! The silvery embellie is from a box of junk that I bought at a car boot sale – I think it started life as a filigree earring, but I opened it out and flattened it with my Sizzix, just like a bottle cap!

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  1. LOL I had trouble with this one myself Rosie, I’m the least “sweet” person I know…..lmao still, that’s why it’s a challenge, it certainly challenged me! You however, have pulled it off perfectly, as blimmin usual!!! this is gorgeous, the blue and gold together are very striking. thanks for playing.
    Kaz 🙂

  2. Oh very gorgeous! Love the gold flourish and blue and gold is always lovely. Maybe not cute in the cutesy way but very sweet and feminine.

  3. carolann

     /  October 26, 2008

    Awesome Rosie I do think its sweet hun xxxxxx

  4. that’t fantastic!

  5. gorgeous!

  6. seona

     /  October 26, 2008

    I’m saying nothing about Kaz saying she is the least sweet person she knows lol

    This is a gorgeous piece and for me it’s the perfect kind of sweet, very elegant!

  7. I think you do both sweet and traditional beautifully, Rosie, but with your own personal *twist*! Yours is sweet without the syrup, and tradition from more unexpected corners! This card is lovely! You must tell me how you used a Sizzix to flatten the earring! And I’m anxiously awaiting news on the crafting fair!!

  8. It’s beautiful!

  9. Well, You did it this time! This is gorgeous! I love that you got your elements from such interesting places, especially the earring.

  10. Sweet it is with a gorgeous sense of elegance. You have the most amazing talent for combining elements in such interesting and effective ways.

  11. Gorgeous !!!

  12. This isn’t one of my challenges, but I just couldn’t leave your blog w/o saying how beautiful this is.

  13. jami rudd

     /  October 31, 2008

    Beautiful card!


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