Manic Mary… my new name!

Since Wednesday, I have been chasing my own tail! I think Thursday I was still in shock from having my tooth pulled and I felt completely drained. All my energy was expended on just getting through the day, never mind completing projects and making more stuff to sell at the Craft Fair!

Yesterday, I was taxi-driver and burger-flipper, so it was a pretty hectic day! However, I did manage to finish a couple of altered spoons, sitting in front of the TV – needless to say, I’m grateful for small mercies. This morning, DH went out to a meeting and I headed upstairs to sort out 8 bookmarks and got completely messy with paint, gesso, gel medium and bubble wrap! However, as I was doing that, inspiration struck and I managed to complete this little beeswax collage, which fits in beautifully with Sandy’s SaWo challenge:

I’m so pleased with this piece – it’s very pretty and soft in RL! Now I must cook, finish off those bookmarks and go fetch DD…. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and better weather than us!!

EDIT: I was trying out Nancy’s gesso and text background technique, but it didn’t work out for me, so I ended up sticking the text pieces to this textured board anyway. The orange colour was just a result of using up the paint left on my brush from the bookmarks; the reason I edged the whole piece with back acrylic through punchinella is that I had made my own paint dauber for the bookmarks:

I cut a thinnish piece of sponge and stuck it to the end of a cork with dsst!! So, I was just using up black paint!! The image (Digital Collage Sheets), was sitting on the desk on top of something else and the ‘Love you’ banner was from an old card kit. The large flower (also on the desk!) was the perfect colour – all it needed was the architecture stamp.

I melted a piece of a rolled beeswax candle with my heat gun (it appears my tiny travel iron has given up the ghost…) and chased it over the surface of the collage, sprinkling a little gold EP into it in a couple of random places. The candles are easy to work with and fun to melt, so I popped a couple of sticky blobs of wax down and blasted them for a couple of secs to adhere the metal buttons.

It probably seems very involved, but I was doing other stuff in between, as always! I just thought I’d tell you how it came about as I know a few people find this bit interesting. I didn’t do it before as we’ve had internet connection problems and DH wanted to run a line test… *rolls eyes*

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  1. Sandy

     /  November 1, 2008

    OMG this is extraordinary.
    I´m overwhelmed. This is excellent.

    Thanks Rosie for this great entry to SaWo.

  2. Gorgeous piece Rosie, hope you get more of these MMMs (Manic Mary Moments) the result is stunning lol!

  3. Fabulous, really love everything!

  4. Love what you have done.
    Very beautiful card.

  5. Lovely piece. Great color.

  6. Rosie, you are amazing and very resilient. How you could even think of art one day after having a tooth pulled is phenomenal. Your beeswax piece is truly magnificient. My dh won’t let me heat beeswax on the stove, but maybe I could try the heat gun technique that you used. It certainly was successful for you.

  7. This is just lovely. I would play with beeswax if I could get the beautiful results that you get!

  8. Magnificent collage, Rosie!

  9. Just beautiful..Love it!!!

  10. Beautiful, Rosie!! The gorgeous color and the punchinella made me think of a bee hive…along with the flower, and then I read your post and learned that it was made with bee’s wax! Gorgeous piece!! Hope you’re feeling better and have more time and energy now! XOXO

  11. This is gorgeous…beautifully created!

  12. Wow, gorgeous creation, and like Barbara said, it reminds me of a bee hive!

  13. This is beautifully soft and feminine. It must be even more stunning irl!


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