This Thursday, it’s all about…. where you get your inspiration – if your Muse goes missing. Luckily for me, my Muse and I are attached all over my brain and sometimes there’s not enough room for the two of us in there! Having said that, I see marvellously inspiring creations that give me ideas and inspire me all over Blogland and quite often, the ideas linger and it can take up to a year for me to try out what I have seen…

I started ‘chatting’ to Patty at Magpie’s Nest after bloghopping last year – I was fascinated by her altered cutlery! I also found myself inspired by Liz at Crimson Moon (indirectly, by the photos of a recent Show she attended). So here’s a scan of the altered spoons I finished night before last. I enjoy the process of wrapping wire with small beads immensely and made sure to leave enough length to incorporate hanger loops on the back of each spoon, for display!

Patty’s spoons are gorgeous! Her DH flattens and drills them and she’s far more intricate than me. I’m not sure about flkattening and drilling mine – I don’t think the kitchen counter could take it!!!! 😉

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  1. Great pair of spoons – no slurping soup with these now 😉

  2. Rosie ~ We’ve just returned from a long weekend visiting our son in the hills of SW Virginia and doing some leaf peeping 😉 Playing catch up brought me to your blogblogblog, don’t want to miss anything! Thank you for the kind mention, you ARE a sweet gypsie! Your spoons have such a delicate and wonderful interest to them. I think that’s the real fun of creating, being inspired and then going your way with something! I adore the spoon you made for me, it is such a treasure! ooxoo

  3. Oh, WOW! Is there anythng you can’t do? Your spoons are gorgeous, Rosie! I love the beads and how they harmonize so beautifully with the colors of the patina you’ve created on the spoons! The vintage photos are perfect! I have been put off this techniqe because I thought that to achieve a beautiful result you had to pound and drill, but you have proved that gorgeous can be achieved without a course in metal smithing! I LOVE these…can’t you tell!

  4. Love the altered spoons, such a great idea. They are gorgeous.


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