Poster art???

As this Saturday’s Craft Fair looms ever closer, I made a poster for my table this evening. I cannot do anything simply and leave it alone, it seems! I used a neutral brown sheet of A4 card and printed my text out onto copy paper. I then positioned each strip where I wanted it, glued them down in place with gel medium…. and went bananas!!


I started masking the text and used white gesso with bubble wrap to create the base. I added splodges of brown acrylic paint with a screwed up cotton ball (for want of a better word!) – didn’t like that much, so I got one of my broken paint brushes and added spots of copper and black all over. I have erased my mobile phone number, but apart from that WYSIWYG! (“What you see is what you get”!)

I think people might come over just to see what it says, don’t you?!! And it fits in with Created by Hand this week for their challenge to use browns/blacks in our artwork… but maybe this isn’t art? I suppose it’s artistic license though… hmmmm.

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  1. great sign

  2. Great poster. Love all the dots.

  3. I think it’s very crafty (the copper dots look like pennies!) and it’ll definitely draw people in to read it. Thanks for you compliments!! BTW, I picked up 3 lovely red leaves today to try out your technique on! Good luck on Saturday, though I’m sure you won’t need any luck.

  4. This is perfect, Rosie!! Very representative of the type of art that you do! This will surely draw customers to your table!!


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