Sweet Success!!

Oh boy, what a day! I had a lot of fun although I was so nervous at first… An artist friend, who has an art degree and is a screen printer, came over when I’d almost finished setting up my table and paid me a lovely compliment, so that was a great start! Sophie runs the workshops for the kids at the Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre on Thursdays and had her own ‘Open Studio’ show during the summer hols – her first venture back into arts since having her gorgeous children!

Here’s my table – no-one had ever seen anything quite like my array of altered and mixed media artwork before, so it did come as a bit of surprise to a lot of folks. Sally (my boss) was delighted and I had some immediate interest from a few of the other stallholders… one of whom bought ‘Light & Shade’ from me. What a fantastic feeling that was – one of my canvasses selling almost immediately! Here’s the first pic of my table by poor DH, who gave up a peaceful birthday to be with me all day, bless him! You can only see the top of my head…


Here I am, at my station!!! LOL!


I really dislike having my photo taken, as I always seem to have such a silly grin on my face! And here’s a pic of the canvas I sold – in situ – where she couldn’t take her eyes off it!!


I learnt some valuable lessons yesterday –

  • you can never have too much stock!
  • always have superglue handy when dealing with rubber bugs!
  • expect the unexpected
  • be patient with people who don’t understand the creative process
  • carry spare keyrings/fobs/links/wire and a toolbox
  • enjoy yourself and the company of other stallholders – we can all learn from each other!
  • remember to thank your friends and supporters profusely

And, most importantly of all… Believe in yourself and your product – or don’t do it!

There was a huge variety of stalls there for such a small venue and the ladies next to us were super-friendly. Gillian and Cynthia are sisters – Cynthia is the quilter and her sister, the organiser and supporter! Their quilts, fleecy scarves and fabric cards were beautiful. There was a lady selling eco/organic potpourri and herbs, a great bloke who made the most gorgeous copper pots and bowls, plus I was totally in awe of his horsehair pieces too – fantastic! He also gave me some tips on where to look for workshops, etc. (though I’m not at that stage yet!)

There were a few jewellery stalls, people who made miniatures, a woman who makes divine felted slippers and garments, basketware, organic wool knitted animals which were sooooo sweet! The lady at the other side of me made little fairies for the tree and dollies and doll-kits. Then there were chutneys and pickles, Christmas puds and mincemeat (yum!), organic fruit n veg, breads and local cheeses – DH bought one which reminded him of spanish Manchego (that made him happy too!) and a lady who made soft toys and witchy people!

Of course, DH didn’t think to ask if he could photograph the other stalls, but I shall next time! One of the most fabulous stalls there was the stained glass lady… oh my goodness – sooooo beautiful! The customers were lovely for the most part and I met one of the ladies from the Crafty Devils (Barnstaple) design team – we had a good old chat about techniques, backgrounds, tools…. as you can imagine. My day was made even more special by the arrival of my ex-workmate from my summer job who popped in with her dad to say hi and then the first of my good friends arrived – Debs and her family (Auntys Forum), who came all the way over from Camelford in Cornwall – she gave me lots of valuable advice and bullied encouraged me to do certain things! She was great – thanks hunni! xoxoxo

And even my mad friend, Pat, came along, despite her ill-health, family in tow!! I was feeling loved and supported like never before and truly grateful for the effort they all made on my behalf. To cap it off, I was invited to take a stall/table at 2 other local Craft Fairs and felt immensely flattered… so I shall have to do it all over again soon! How lovely! 🙂

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  1. WTG ROsie and your stall looked fab hun well doen and keep up the great work and good luck on your next fairs xxx

  2. What a wonderful post to read! I’m so happy for you. And, by the way, I think you look like a total sweetie in that pic! That’s not a silly grin, that’s an elfishly mischievious smile, like one of someone who knows her pieces contain magic and will enchant you as soon as you lay eyes on them!

  3. Congratulations on such a fabulous day and wishing you continued success at future events.

  4. I’m very happy for you….

  5. Dawn

     /  November 11, 2008

    Aww Rosie it lloked like a fantastic day – wish I’d been there to see all the fabby creations you made and WELL DONE on selling that canvas – no wonder it is stunning!


  6. Well done again Rosie

    Here’s to the next lot 😀 xxx


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