Gerry and his bowtie!

I have been drawn to skulls for as long as I can remember – no idea why, but there it is! My first oil on canvas paper was a skull – I was about 16 years old… so I took a quick break this evening and created a new persona – Gerry! This week’s Mixed Media Monday theme – The Human Body – or parts thereof, gave me the perfect excuse to sit down and get out my art journal.

I started with a charcoal pencil because I can’t draw continuous straight lines and sketched him, added some shading and then got out my waterbrushes and drawing inks. I added colour and then used the fineliner for detailed shading. I’m happier now I’ve been drawing… a lot of the past few days’ frustrations have left me and I am less stressed. Viva Gerry! (Although that’s a slight contradiction in terms, considering he’s a skull!)


In case you can’t read it, I wrote, “Despite the jaunty hat and bowtie, Gerry still wore a ‘deadpan’ expression…” Oh yeah, and I gave him an earring too! Recycled from some old body jewellery DD gave me this morning! 😉

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  1. mixedmediamonday

     /  November 11, 2008

    Viva Gerry indeed – what a dashing skull he is! Talk about getting down to the bones of a theme, LOL! Gerry is gorgeous! Diane

  2. I bet that deadpan expression is probably just part of Gerry’s whole hip cat persona. He looks like he’s actually got real sense of humor, with that stylish cap and the pink bow tie. Maybe he even looks a little meditative…like his “eyes” (even tho they’re just sockets) are closed and he’s in a zen sort of state.

    It’s real good that you’re getting gratification and relaxation out of drawing.

  3. this is so cool Rosie!!! Just great!!

  4. He is so fantastic your so talented Rosie I love seeing all your creations Speaking of which if you find the time to send me ur kit to finish Im still up to doing it
    Love n Hugs Shellie

  5. Fantastic piece and love the expressions (facial and written) Your stall at the craft fair below looks wonderful, it sounds like you had a good day.

  6. Very hip and very cool. I need to get an earring like that myself!!! LOL!!

  7. This is so awesome! I love skulls too! I love the way you make the skull so hip and cool!

  8. Drawing is such a release, isn’t it? Love the illustration – I understand the skull obsession:)

  9. This is so fun, and I love the bad pun.

  10. I love Gerry and his deadpan expression! Drawing does release tension, doesn’t it? I love your drawings–hope this means we’ll be seeing more of them!!


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