Mr. Cocky Peabody!

This really is another flight of fancy, prompted by the marvellous metallics theme at This Thursday, it’s all about… I acquired this chrome peacock at the Car Boot a while ago and he’s been sitting on my desk, looking forlornly down at me for quite a while. Last night, after an extremely stressful day (personal stuff), I just grabbed him and some alcohol inks and took him downstairs with me.

I sat with a lap tray, my inks and some tiny beads and made him gorgeous!! LOL – well, obviously he’s not going to appeal to everybody, but I like him very much, despite his missing toe – he’s an artful bird and they’re never perfect, are they? He’ll be a fun piece to add to the stall and if his magnificence inspires anyone, then his job is done!



His little legs remind me of fringed and beaded boots – maybe that was in my subconscious – who knows? Today is all about decorating the little boxes I painted yesterday and drilling pairs of the mini dominoes for earrings! I shall attempt to photograph the process, for those of you who wanted to know how I manage to do it without breaking them… I hope it helps!

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  1. like your cocky peabody very wacky..Glad your stall went well. You have got some lovely stuff..thanks for your comment about my metal washers.

  2. I love your peacock, he is fantastic!! gorgeous gorgeous art, I love all of the beading and it only makes him more original that he is missing a toe! love his name as well……….lol
    hope the personal stuff gets better…..l haven’t crafted in too long…..tut…. anyway, i love this rosie, it made me smile!!

  3. Only you Rosie would think to guild a peacock = masterful and so delightful your artful altered peacock is. I Love it! Art heals and is such a great release, hope the stress goes away oxo

  4. What a lovely peacock!

  5. He reminds me of maybe an Indian Chief! He’ll make a great mascot for your crafts table.

  6. susiebwell

     /  November 15, 2008

    your as fabulous as ever!xx

  7. Wow Mr Cocky is glorious! Pascale 🙂

  8. Dawn

     /  November 16, 2008

    Amazing Rosie! He won’t have any problem finding a mate dolled up like that!!!
    Great inventiveness as ever..


  9. Oh, he’s wonderful!! A truly artful birdie!!

    You must be very brave, Rosie–a tray with alcohol inks, on your lap??? They’d be all over floors, carpet and proably walls, too, if I dared to use them anywhere but on a sturdy table! Now I am completely convinced that you can do everything!!!

    And I LOVE your silver bird!!


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