Boxes, boxes, boxes…

I’ve been altering little boxes to take to the Xmas Crafts Fayre next weekend and I was a bit stumped after painting and stamping these, but I had the alcohol inks out to colour some tiny metal flowers I received in the post today and I think I achieved a fairly masculine, vintage look on these:


As such, they fit quite nicely with TGIF’s ‘vintage’ theme this week!

Now these butterfly-shaped boxes begged for the large PI butterfly stamp, which I stamped with Stazon. I sealed them with gel medium and then decided to use some paper butterflies to liven them up a bit. DD and DH both think they’re OTT (over the top!), but I think a bit of bling appeals to some people… although it wouldn’t necessarily be my choice. What do you think?


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  1. Sandy

     /  November 22, 2008

    Oh wow Rosie these are so wonderful.
    Brilliant vintage look. Love them.

    Thanks for your inspiring work to TGiF.

  2. DELIGHTFUL little boxes!

  3. love these!!! they all have a great vintage look!!

  4. I like the added three dimensional quality! I think it gives the boxes a special touch that people will love! Wish you much success with the faire!

  5. Lovely boxes!

  6. They are really beautiful!

  7. Love all of them

  8. Rosie, these are all so pretty! I wanted to stop by and let you know that I’ve passed on an award to you on my blog:

    Good luck on the coming Fayre!!

  9. Your boxes are wonderful, Rosie!! I especially love your little vintage treasures! I think you’re right! Whether or not the boxes are OTT for you, or your family, there are lots of people with many different tastes. Something for everyone is always a good choice, and the contrast will off-set your other, more subdued pieces. . .just my thoughts, for what they’re worth! Have fun at the fayre!! Much success!!


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