A rather large birthday card!

Note: I feel I really must apologise to all the people who have left comments on my previous 2 posts. Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it, but I haven’t been able to reciprocate till now due to connection problems! It was so bad yesterday, if our transfer speed had got any slower, it would’ve been going backwards. Luckily, BT finally listened and we had an engineer in this morning who fixed the problem for us! So, I’ll be by soon!! 🙂

It’s DD’s birthday tomorrow and I spent a while today (on and off) painting her a rather large birthday card, which became this 5″x7″ canvas! It’s all good practice and I was inspired by This Thursday’s colour challenge this week – these are not colours I would choose to combine, but they work!


Papers by Brenda Walton from K&Co’s Scrap Pad to go; Stamp from Paperartsy – Mini04. I just wonder where those 14 years have gone…

Happy Birthday ‘geekcheeks’!! xoxoxo

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  1. susiebwell

     /  November 28, 2008

    Fabuloud card/painting!xxxxxxxxxxxxxTFP

  2. Gorgeous color and texture in this card!

  3. jami rudd

     /  November 29, 2008

    beautiful card/paining:) How did she like it?

  4. I love pink and brown together! I know she must have loved the card. I’m glad to hear your technical problems have been resolved. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for wishing me luck on my day job. I am so used to my own schedule, it’s been really messing with my head to get up early. But I’m getting used to it. Lots of love! Serena

  5. Happy Birthday, Amber!!! I love the card, Rosie! I hope she did, too!! It will be late, but I’ll put something in the mail for Amber this week!! …and for you….there are a couple of awards on my blog…go get them!!! XOXO

  6. So pleased we found something new for you to try , with excellent results . Brilliant and bold and definatly all Rosie

  1. A rather large birthday card! « | feelbettercard.com

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