SaWo – Spraying backgrounds

I’ve been to Tim Holtz’s blog again – swept up in the 12 Tags of Christmas – and have been trying my best to emulate his tags, with a degree of success. Taking into consideration that I probably only have about 10% of the supplies necessary for Day 6, my tags came out better than I had hoped.

Here’s my sprayed background tag for SaWo’s challenge – I just love the expression on her little face! Reminds me of DD when she was small!


When I manage to get my PC to talk to my scanner again (maybe later?), I’ll post the tag(s) in question… right now, I’m off to watch ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – Go Austin!!

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  1. Sandy

     /  December 6, 2008

    OMG this is awesome.
    So lovely girl. Fantastic background.

    Thanks Rosie for this brilliant entry to SaWo.

  2. Great tag, love the colours an image.

  3. You are right. She is adorable. Tag is fabulous.

  4. How pretty! Beautiful background, sweet image!

  5. Wonderful and lovely tag!

  6. Ellen

     /  December 7, 2008

    great tag, love the added white bits and what a cute image

  7. What a gorgeous tag!

  8. Very sweet Tag indeed..
    I too have been inspired to have a go at the techniques Tim H is showing each day. I dont do the tags as I dont have the stuff either.. but there is something on each on thats new for me to try..
    look forward to seeing yours Rosie.
    Z xx

  9. Brandy

     /  January 30, 2009

    I love your tag it is so pretty.


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