Are they man’s best friend? I don’t really know the answer to that one – we have 2: A German Shepherd called Thor (her has enormous paws, hence the name!) and a Yorkie cross called Millie. They are affectionate, noisy and demanding – mainly on me, so not really my best friends. I do love them both and treat them like family members, but they will not be replaced when their time’s up. Mind you, at least they don’t swear, unlike DH’s parrot!

TGIF this week have dogs as their theme and I also am entering this ATC for the Wednesday Stamper challenge as I have used a gesso-stamped snowflake, over-painted with purple acylic paint, in the background. The image is a Crafty Individuals miniature.


I’m busy trying my hand at a couple of altered books – I found Lisa Vollrath’s instructions on how to prep a book for altering really helpful and hope to have these completed by next week. One has a niche cut into it and the other is simple and straightforward – in for a penny, in for a pound. I think I may have made a mistake but I shall try to rectify that if I can. Still, that’s the best way to learn isn’t it? Having a go.

I also have a couple of charms drying, but although they’re finished, it’s so cold here (well below zero tonight… possibly as low as -8), that they will probably not dry till tomorrow. There’s a good half inch of frost on the cars already… brrrrrrrrr.

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  1. Great way to knock out 3 challenges in one lovely card Rosie! Very nice colors too!

  2. Great card. love the stamps, great how that snowflake turned out.

  3. Sandy

     /  January 10, 2009

    wow Rosie this is wonderful.
    I love this stamp. Gorgeous.

    Thanks Rosie for joining TGiF this week.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. great card!! love the background!

  6. beautiful artwork!!

  7. Wonderful card, Rosie. You did great in combining the challenges. I know my almost 15 yo black lab was family when she died 3 years ago. Although I actually liked her a lot better than some people I know, we didn’t replace her. The house is cleaner and we have more money and time to spend on ourselves. But her leaving made a huge, huge hole in my heart.

  8. wonderful….the stamp is very beautiful

  9. Wonderful work! Lovely image!
    LG Anke


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