At Rosie & Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure, we’re making charms! I have a real passion for bottlecaps and made a lot of cute art pins for sale last year. Last night I got one of my sheets of  ‘Rounds’ out – Edwardian Beauties’ –  and flattened a couple of bottlecaps Lisa sent me and produced these:


The cracked glass effect was unintentional and I’m putting it down to the subzero temperatures here at present. I left these two on the windowsill to dry and this is the result – cool, huh?!!

One-stop takes you HERE to the bottlecaps and image sheets for the charms. The best thing about the rounds on these sheets is that they are slightly bigger than the inside of the bottlecaps so you aren’t left with a horrid white ring round your image that you have to colour or ink heavily to disguise – ugh! So I handcut them as my circle punch is just 1/8″ too small and they fit beautifully!

The glaze I used is Anita’s 3D gloss, into which I popped tiny seed beads in pink and blue. I’ve also used Diamond Glaze before, but it’s far more expensive and harder to come by in the UK. I used a Giotto metallic blue marker to colour the blue charm and a pink permanent one for the bride – she’s so gorgeous, isn’t she?  🙂

These two are mounted on pins (beaded for fun), so that they can be sewn onto a future fabric book or collage…

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  1. Rosie

     /  January 10, 2009

    These are great – and wearable too! Think the blue one is my favourite. Thanks for taking part in our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA

  2. These are GREAT!! I absolutely love them! Thanks for sharing your technique. I’ve got a cookie tin full of bottlecaps among my crafts stash and this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Big thank yous for your positive thoughts to me while I was down!! xoxo Serena Pia

  3. Oh my! These are wonderful!

  4. I love these Rosie – they are so pretty. I especially like the beads in the gloss… great idea! Thank you for inspiring us all…
    Linda xxxx

  5. fragmentedmentalconfetti

     /  January 12, 2009

    These are phenomenal!!!! Wow, what great pieces, thanks for sharing!

  6. Cool effect with the crackling (just tell us you MEANT to do that :o)

  7. Fabulous, Rosie! And you know that bottlecaps are right up my alley! Yours are wonderful, and I love the images! XOXO


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