Shape Up – part deux!!


When Michelle left me a comment on the first ‘hearts’ page I made, I could ‘see’ her like a cartoon character, so vividly, with a halo of hearts buzzing round her head!! It sort of inspired this wacky page I did last night. Instead of making stencils, masks, etc. I just drew hearts and circles all over my page and used some water soluble wax crayons to blend all sorts of colours on the page with a waterbrush.


I also did something Lisa Vollrath suggested: Turn your work upside down! When you’re a bit stuck or not quite sure where a piece is going, turn your work upside down and see what happens… (she didn’t put it quite like that, but…!!) I also continued to add doodles and colour and shading far longer than I usually would. It was a lesson in ignoring ‘less is more’ quite frankly! I wasn’t happy till I’d filled all the available space.

I also enjoyed experimenting with a new medium and found these crayons – cheap and basic as I never spend a lot of money on something new till I know I like it – easy to use, once I got used to blending them. It’s funny looking at it a day later and seeing how the circles became eyes and eyeballs and the heart on the lower left side looks a bit like an atlas! Even I see something different in it today! I think I toned the colours down too much when I adjusted it in Photoshop, but hey, I have the original to scan again, so that won’t be a problem will it?!

It’s very loud, bold and funky, admittedly, a real fun piece and DD wants a print for her bedroom wall, so that’s a tiny triumph on a personal scale anyway!! *grins*

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  1. Hi Rosie – I love this page it is bright and cheery – thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  2. rosie – i love hearing your enthusiasm for the process of this page. starting from scratch with an idea and going at it with a pen and crayons is sp real and raw and authentic. bravo for running with your shape some more, and for enjoying the process. turning the page upside-down is a cool trick too – sometimes i will hold a piece of art in the mirror – kinda the same thing. thanks for sharing again with the team.

  3. Julie

     /  January 15, 2009

    Lovely fun page!

  4. You’ve just proved that while “less” might have a lot of wonderful attributes, “more” is DEFINITELY “more”! Bravo to Amber for being such an astute art critic! Unless I’m aiming for stark and clean, when I’m unsatisfied with a piece I’m in the middle of, more is ALWAYS the answer! Especially with journal pages! And don’t you LOVE water souluable oil pastels? The color is so vibrant and creamy! I would definitely hang a print of this on my wall! Bravo to you, Rosie!

  5. So cool – I think this would make such a heart warming print.

  6. Cindy

     /  January 16, 2009

    This is g reat. I liket he idea of turning work upside down when you get stuck, great advice!

  7. WOW, it looks like you had loads of fun making this creation. Maybe I should add colour to my doodling (I have plenty of time waiting for dial up!!!)

  8. Love the colors and what fun it must have been making!!!


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