What’s life without a good cuppa?

I’m a tea drinker, probably by birth… I always start my day with a good strong cuppa and only recently without sugar. I like all sorts of tea – herbal, Asda, PG Tips (love the new Jonny Vegas and Monkey advert!!) – any tea but green – yuck! That’s like drinking infused lawn mower clippings to me. I’ll get my anti-oxidants somewhere else, thanks!

I made this house collage this evening, just for fun and found the fab image HERE. Isn’t he just so smiley? He almost winks at you straight out of the bottom corner! 😉


The House of the Rising Sun? Why not? That was a vintage advert for Stove Polish!!  The bright little squares came from a box of tea and inspired the background really, with their lovely colours. Then I found the happy chap in the cap and it had to be about a cuppa tea… and it’s my entry to TGIF this week.

It’s absolutely pouring with rain, cold and miserable. I took the wedding card round to my friend’s house at lunchtime and we had a very girly few hours, laughter and tears, too. She was really pleased with her DD’s card and I am pleased about that!

I’ve been trying out something new with 3 different-sized domino tiles and I’m not quite sure if it’s finished or not yet. We’ll see tomorrow – turning it upside down didn’t help in this instance!!

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  1. This is such a bright and happy card and I really, really, absolutely adore these colors! I’m a big coffee gal myself but I’ve recently added more teas into the mix. So many I love (jasmine is especially dreamy), but I abhor green tea and just can’t get a taste for it. Your fresh mowed grass description is perfect! Did I thank you for your awesome supportive comments to me? If not, a big thank you!! Oh and I was just scrolling down your page here and those gawgeous!!! “cherish” cards jumped out at me. Sooooooo pretty!!

  2. What an inspired combination! I think we must be sharing the same imagination. This morning, when I read the TGIF challenge, I thought of the House of the Rising Sun too. I KNEW we were kindred spirits!


  3. What an amazing creation…the colors and images are so vibrant and cheery!

  4. kathy

     /  January 17, 2009

    I like this, love the journal look to it.

  5. Rosie, what a fantastic piece! I love all the bright colors and the pieces of tea boxes. And such a gorgeous background. I like most tea. I can tolerate green, even though it smells and tastes like rancid grass to me, not just grass! However, Earl Grey is not good to my taste buds. I do not like the flavor of bergamot.

    I knew your friend would love the wedding card. Glad you had a nice girly time of chatting, laughing, and drinking tea.

  6. Your piece is just wonderful! I wish I liked hot tea better but I guess I’ll always be a coffee in the morning and iced tea in the afternoon kinda girl. lol
    Peace & Love,

  7. Sandy

     /  January 17, 2009

    Wow wow wow and again wow.
    This is extraordinary. Brilliant design.

    Thanks Rosie for this great house to TGiF.

  8. fabulous!! love the vibrant colors!!

  9. Where have I been this last 2 months…how did I forget to come visit you 😦

    I have just had the amazing time catching up on your creative
    juices… I was dribbling on every post..they just get better.

    Thanks sooo much Rosie ..such talent and a whole lotta inspiration.

    chriss x have a lovely weekend

  10. Ellen

     /  January 17, 2009

    brilliant colours and such a hppy collage , you’ve got to sit down and join in the teaparty

  11. Fantastic tag Rosie, the colors and ingredients 😉 are superbe! Makes me thirsty for a cuppa!

  12. Fantastic collage! Love your House of the Rising Sun! !
    LG Anke

  13. Fabulous, great colours

  14. jami

     /  January 18, 2009

    Beautiful:) I’m a coffee girl myself, but I totally understand the love of something yummy in the morning.

  15. Jusr found your site, beautiful house and in fact all work!!

    I have added a link to you on my blog.


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