Shape Up – more!!


I imagine you’re thinking by now that this is just an excuse to post another funky journal page, but I have used my chosen shape – the Heart – in some writing – the ‘v’ in ‘Love’!! The funny story behind this page? Well DD sat on the sofa after brunch and asked me if I wanted to play ‘Lost’ before I got on with whatever I had planned. I said, yeah, okay then, I’ll have an hour.

DH pipes up… You gonna play Lost? I realised he wanted to aswell, so I told him to go first while I did something else (relief!!), but DD told me she’d been watching “My wife & kids” and according to the Counsellor, we need to spend more quality time together, so would I stay with them and make her a page in my journal with curls and swirls?

So I laugh my socks off, get my pens, etc. out and set about doing Madam’s bidding, DH dutifully ‘lost’ in the game, while she sits on the sofa with her laptop and proceeds to chat with her mates on MSN… “Quality Family Time”??? At her instigation? Very much a case of “Do as I say, not as I do!” Anyhow, here’s the page:


After drawing in pencil, I painted the whole page with a wash of Stewart Gill buff pearlised paint, added a little red acrylic in the centre as a base for the stamp and used a black sharpie for the pop word ‘LOVE’ and all the curly swirls. I added red, yellow and orange crayon, blended with a waterbrush and then contentedly doodled all over the place. The background stamp is a Paperartsy Mini and DD is… well, DD! And of course, the broken arrow got in there too!

This is still in my head Michelle – can’t shake that heart off yet! 😉

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  1. Rosie – shake it off? No way. I hope the heart lives on in your work all year! The more you use it the more you will learn from it. xo

  2. Very cool page (as well as your shape-I love the heart!)….and I know your daughter loves it, too.
    Peace & Love,

  3. Isn’t it funny, if TV says it, it’s right – if parents say it, it’s wrong LOL
    Love the page, love the heart – heart warming stuff 🙂


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