Altered tins…

That was the brief for Saturday’s Workout. I’m currently working on a number of different projects at the moment and dividing myself up into small pieces – well, that’s what it feels like anyway! This did manage to push me into altering a fat old sweetie tin that’s been hanging around on my desk for too long:


I primed the tin with gesso and then added some cheesecloth to the lid and around the base with gel medium. I painted the lid with copper acrylic paint, working it really well into the cloth and set it aside to dry. I painted the cheesecloth on the base with burnt umber and the upper part with copper.

When they were dry, I used rubon metallic gold to highlight the texture of the cloth around the base:



You can probably see the microbeads on the lid better here… ABAA challenged us to use bottlecaps in our artwork this week. I love them – they are so versatile – whether you make charms, cards or in this case, an ornamental feminine feature for my tin lid! I just realised that this lickle tin fits perfectly with the Objet d’art challenge this month, so I’m popping it in there too!

The bottlecaps and round image (from the Tinted Twenties) can be found here at Ten Two Studios. I’m not sure if this is finished or not – I’m a bit underwhelmed by the lack of contrast  on the base, but I shall use the tin to store my small tumblestones for now, which frees up the tin they are curretly packed into!!!

It never ends, does it? 😉

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  1. Hi Rosie….brilliant tin !
    Hope alls well x

  2. I think your altered tin is great. What a great place to store wonderful goodies!
    Peace & Love,

  3. pat

     /  January 19, 2009

    hello flower you beaded beauty you. You may have a plain bottom.
    But your picture caps it off.

  4. Stunning, my friend….simply stunning. I love the pizzazz that you always add to any artwork with colour, design and addition of the most amazing embellishments. Hugs…hope you are doing well even divided into many pieces!! I feel the same.

  5. Sandy

     /  January 19, 2009

    Wow this is FANTASTIC !!!
    Unbelievable design. Love them.

    Thanks Rosie for altered a Tin on SaWo.

  6. A gorgeous piece Rosie, well done.
    Linda x

  7. Rosie ABAA

     /  January 19, 2009

    I think this is FABULOUS. Love the idea of using cheesecloth for texture, the colour finish you’ve achieved is just great (but I DO know what you mean about never being finished!). Well done and thanks for taking part.
    Rosie ABAA

  8. Absolutely gorgeous tin.

  9. Fabulous altered tin, Rosie!

  10. This is beautiful. Love the colors.

  11. Gorgeous piece, Rosie!

  12. Brilliant tin..The colours are stunning..

  13. Just had to come see your bottlecap and WOWEE, it’s gorgeous, the crowning glory for your lovely tin!

  14. This is a stunning tin, the colours are tremendous, what an inspiring tin you have produced, well done Jaqi

  15. I absolutely LOVE this piece!! It is so beautiful, in so many ways. I just love the image of the woman – and your colors are so coordinated! Splendid!


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