The Written Word…

Step Outside Your Box Saturday has long been one of my favourite challenge sites – wacky, off-the-wall and absolutely NO flourishes!! Lisa Gifford is very talented and has suffered for her art in the past 12 months, yet she continues to inspire and provoke us into creating something different every week – you rock, mate!

So, bearing in mind I just received 2 new sheets of rubber from Ria at Home Impressions, as soon as I saw my BBF Barbara’s entry, I was inspired to get out the art journal and use every single one of the African stamps… yeah, baby!! These are fab – wild, funky and so cool with bright colours – I could’ve picked Urban or even Graffiti as my word and gotten away with it, but instead, I chose TRIBAL…

So get out your gear and use a word in your art, then go see what the rest of us have done! Very liberated and totally random or themed – all your choice!


Don’t these stamps have fabulous potential? Love them Ria!!

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  1. Fabulous tribal page 🙂

  2. Very vibrant, I love those images.


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