Bags (of joy!)

Bags is this week’s Wednesday Stamper theme and there are some gorgeous creations to be seen! I have this thing for fabric, quick-makes and stamping on fabric. When we went to the Craft4Crafters show last week, my mate Debs gave me 2 huge bags of fabric to play with… a bit cruel to do that to someone who tries to declutter her creative space every day before we move, but hey! – and I’m grateful.

I was at work all day today and picked up a rotary cutter (bliss!) and some other stuff for textile work, so I was pretty keen to play this evening, despite being tired. I took a couple of scraps from Debs, some light batting, fusible interfacing and a couple of lilies I rescued from fake flower bunches and made this fraying-edged little clutch bag:


The beads at the centre of my flowers are midnight blue wooden ones sent to me by another good mate (Jan) who thought I’d find a use for them – thanks, hunni!!

I had some terrific news today too – I have had 3 pieces of mixed media artwork accepted for the Ruby Country Art Expo and Award 2009 to be held next month here in Holsworthy – woohoo! It’s the first time I’ve ever submitted to an Exhibition and I’m over the moon. I am really excited and can’t quite believe my luck!

Ruby Country is a name given to the part of Devon in which I live and the pieces they chose represent my feelings about the region and my twist on traditional art and crafts. I think the fact that I’m a pretty ‘green’ girl played its part in their choice too. Whatever the reason, I am honoured indeed!!

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  1. This is an absolutely luscious purse..the flowers are amazing!
    (Congrats on your work getting picked up for th exhibition!)

  2. wow , you made a gorgeous and beautiful fabric bag.
    great stitching too

  3. I think ‘the reason’ would be that you are a talented artiste!!! Congrats that is VERY exciting to have your artwork exhibited….you go GYPSY!!!

    Your bag is wonderful, I like the way you make it sound like it whipped it together with some of this and that……it’s really fab!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am over-the-moon for you!!! And your bag is terrific! I LOVE lots and lots of white, although I don’t use it enough myself, and black and white is just fabulous! Now for some fun….not an award this time, but I have tagged you, so you need to stop by my blog and play along….XOXO

  5. Absolutly gorgeous, love it!


  7. Great news on the exhibition Rosie – You Go Girl!!!!!

  8. ooo…. love your gorgeous bag!

  9. looks really wonderful!

  10. I LOVE your bag Rosie…its absolutely gorgeous.
    Congratulations on being chosen for Ruby Country….Devon is Ruby country indeed ! x

  11. This is gorgeous.


  12. First, Rosie, congratulations on having been chosen for the expo. Your work is fantastic so it’s wonderful that everyone will be able to enjoy it.
    Second, your bag is wonderful. I love the black and white.

  13. Brandy

     /  January 30, 2009

    This is a beautiful bag. I love colors.

  14. Really beautiful with these flowers!

  15. i am in love with those beads centered on the flowers…and the black stitching just pops wonderfully against the white fabric…and the flowers add a sweetness…i adore the color palette you chose for this purse…and the outcame came out wonderful!

  16. pat

     /  January 31, 2009

    congrats on the expo and the bag is very japannesy and lemonsqueezey love it Rosie its quite stunning. love Pat xxxxxxx

  17. Great bag! I love the stamped lillies! Congratulations on being chosen for Ruby Country!

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