It’s official – we’re snowed in!

Well this morning, this is what I (and many others in the UK, no doubt), woke up to:


The view from our upstairs bedroom window… and worse still:


4″-6″ of white stuff – compact and deadly, but fun for the kids! So we can’t get out of our road, let alone the village, as we’re at the top of a hill!

However, in the interests of keeping the kitchen a bit cleaner and feeling sorry for little Millie (whose legs are very short), I got on DH’s weather-proof boots and cleared a bit of a path to the back garden. Then I hung a new seedbag for the hungry birds and my ‘wild-child’ surfaced. I played snowballs with Thor for a while and made this snow-bunny!!!


Who says it’s not art??? heehee! Although he’s cute, I think this guy’s cuter…



This one’ll give you an idea of how much fell overnight… our summer table (ironic really!)


I mean, that’s just ridiculous, isn’t it? And this is just pretty:


More of the same is forecast for later though. Snow/sleet showers and temperatures of -3 to -4 degrees, so I expect I won’t be going anywhere for the next day or so. DD also informed me we are due a blizzard on Thursday (*rolls eyes*). I hope she’s wrong, but…

On the upside, I have time to get a lot of arting and decluttering done, so there’s obviously a silver lining for us. It’s terrible how unprepared we are in the UK to deal with freakish weather…

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  1. Lennie

     /  February 3, 2009

    loved your snow pictures, Rosie., and your snow bunny too. I like this quote and used it on my family newsletter for February, It’s by J.B. Priestley and goes like this: “The first fall of snow is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different.”
    Enjoy the slower pace that a nice snowfall brings into your life.

  2. Hi – This was me yesterday and I too uploaded photos to my blog!!! I love getting a snow day, it looks beautiful where you are with all that snow! I too had 4-6 inches of snow and it is still here today, although the roads were passable this morning so had to go to work ;-(

    But as you say, there is more forecast for the end of the week!

  3. Hope you are OK Rosie….doesn’t the snow make everything look magical?
    Now what I want to know is which challenge you are entering the snow bunny for ?!!
    Take care….Sending warm ((((hugs)))) x

  4. Great piccies Rosie – its looks lovely until you have to go out in it! Love that snow bunny

  5. Beautiful snow…..I was in London last year in April and woke up to about 6 inches of snow…..that one melted off pretty quick…we went to Windsor that day and it was so stunning……didn’t realize you guys could get that snowed in …but I am in Texas and we are pretty unprepared when it snows too!!!


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