Practice makes…

Me better than I was before!!! I love image transfers, I really do. I am not brilliant at them – yet, but I keep doing them because I get such a kick out of them. My friend Jan came to visit last year while she was holidaying near-ish to us. She brought me some weird and wonderful things like a painted egg, some basketware, wooden leaf shapes… the list goes on. My creative mates do that you know, they send me anything they bought and haven’t used because they really don’t remember why they got it in the first place and can’t think what to do with it!!

Anyway, in the hope of finding somewhere new to live (soon?), I am constantly sorting through my stash, reorganising and decluttering. I came across two clay tiles Jan gave me last year and this is how they turned out: The first one is like a “rhapsody in blue” – French text, blue images from Ten Two Studios Little Blue Things for Make It Mondays ‘Travel’ theme.


And the back…


Now this second one also uses images from the Little Things collage sheets – Children and Men! I love the look of shock/horror on this little girl’s face so I gave her wings – as if she’s suddenly realised she’s an angel? I know, wicked, aren’t I? She’s for Mixed Media Monday – again the background is French text (also available from Ten Two Studios)…


And the gent on the back with his flowers and pink fish is totally irresistible!! My DH has just such a sense of humour… and he’s an angler to boot!!


So having put matching wire loops on these two, I shall now have some very interesting  jewellery to wear to the Art Exhibition at the weekend!! 😉

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  1. Wow, these are all so beautiful. Love the colors of the first two.

  2. These are great! I totally love the pink fish! He looks so proud of it, LOL.

  3. Love them, Buffy! Now to drag out my polymer clay and make some clay tiles ……. You jump-started my muse! They’re beautiful.

  4. OOPS! Of course, you’re Rosie. My bad.

  5. Rosie – all these are so beautiful, and they are made of clay great idea.

  6. mixedmediamonday

     /  February 17, 2009

    They are both wonderful pieces, Rosie – but that shocked little angel put a smile on my face, grin! Diane

  7. I really looove the blue one!! … maybe because I’m French? 😉 I’d better get on with my visit…

  8. Hi, Rosie. I’m glad you gave this little one wings. Hopefully she’ll realize she is an angel. Beautiful, clever and fun. Thanks for sharing.


  9. I love the use of the wings. Very nice!

  10. They all are stunning

  11. Lovely little pendants, Rosie!

  12. Both fantastic, I love the idea that you have put the images on clay


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