Behind closed doors…

You never know what’s behind a door, do you? Well, despite the creepy exterior of this wired tag, there’s a beautiful lady…



Isn’t she pretty? I used 2 sections of one of the little  Row House Books sent to me by Lisa,  (which you can buy here), cut a door in the lower half of one and chose an image from the Faux Postage set HERE. You know me – I like macabre and contrast and silly phrases… 🙂

This is my entry to ‘Wire’ for Artygirlz and ‘Doors’ for Rosie & Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure.

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  1. WOW!! Love this..Wonderful piece of art..

  2. eeeeeeeeeeek !! lol

    Fantastic as always Rosie !!

    Thanks for joining in with this weeks Arty Girlz challenge

    Julie xx

  3. Rosie

     /  February 18, 2009

    Oh this is SO inventive – absolutely love it (though not the bug!). Great work and thanks so much for being part of our challenge again.
    Rosie ABAA

  4. crissi

     /  February 18, 2009

    nice one Rosie

    Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

    crissi xx

  5. Oooo Rosie…I think your lady will be perfectly safe with that bug guarding her ! Fantastic work as usual and even though its creepy-crawly (!) its still strangely beautiful x

  6. Beautiful and scary.

  7. YIKES!! Is that (gasp) real? It really looks it! Very Eeenteresting. Love the little surprise doorway!

  8. What a great tag, Rosie…I love it!

  9. What a fascinating piece this is! I love it.
    Ali xx

  10. That is AWESOME!!!!! :>)

  11. What a creative mind you have Rosie!! This is totally original and inspiring. Thank you for taking part.
    Linda xx


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