Two sides…

There are two sides to this domino pendant: Both have labels from The Little Aqua Things collage sheet on them and it was fun to make. I painted the bamboo domino silver and then stuck the labels on. I glazed them and added coordinating wooden beads to the long ball chain. So quick and easy with pre-drilled dominos! Thanks to Ten Two Studios, I now have lots of ‘looks’ and this is my entry to Theme Thursday’s ‘label’ challenge.


The touch of pink is for the second side…


Doesn’t it go well with the advert? *grins* I chose to use the ball chain because its ‘industrial’ look is at odds with the sweet vintage label… I like that it’s different. I did use silver and pink metallic Giotto pens to outline the labels before I stuck them to the domino surface. I think it makes them pop a little…

I can’t concentrate on anything at the moment with the Art Expo looming. I have no focus beyond that. I keep getting ideas and meaning to get on with other things, but it’s really hard, so I’m pleased that I managed to finish my 9 ATCs for the swap on Auntys and make this wee pendant. I shall be grateful for small mercies and wait for my brain function to return on Monday!! 🙂

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  1. some lovely work you designed…beautifully done

  2. I love the Venice side – lovely colours!!

  3. Rosie, you are indeed amazing! Given a domino, 5 beads and a ball chain to play with I would have not had the faintest inkiling what to do with them. Here you have those things and you create a gorgeous pendant.Good luck on the Art Expo.

  4. These are so wonderful! I have some of those dominoes from Two Ten studios, but I can’t decide what to do with them. I love yours.

  5. beautiful!

  6. beautiful

  7. Super creative and cool!

  8. Sandy

     /  February 20, 2009

    OMG Rosie this is very impressive.
    Stunning piece of art.

  9. well you’ve done it again Rosie…made my jaw drop !
    You really have a rare talent ….stunning work x

  10. These are really really cool! The ball chain really goes great with the ball beads too ….

  11. barnie

     /  February 20, 2009

    Fantastic idea putting the labels onto a domino. Wonderful work.

  12. Love love love this! Great way to apply the theme. Beautiful work.


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