Ruby Country Art Expo 2009

Well we went to the private viewing this evening and were really surprised at the number of guests! I’ll take better pics tomorrow – it was too crowded today.  There was some wonderful art on show – and a great diversity of pieces: Feltwork, glass, metal, bronze resin sculptures, paintings, photographs, watercolours and wood sculptures. Not much mixed media or fabric, but then, there was me too!!

I found my pieces off to the left of the main room surrounded by gorgeous pink sheep and some “Rams on a high wall”!! DD wanted to buy all of them, being the avid sheep fan that she is!!

Here are a few pics that we managed to take today…


There’s me!! And here are the “Rams”…


Aren’t they great?!!!


Irresistible to DD – sheep which are pink! And here’s another that called to the dancer in her… ‘Freedom’


It was really intriguing to see such a diverse collection of art under one small roof. I’m looking forward to stewarding tomorrow afternoon – I shall hopefully get more ‘me’ time to absorb it all!

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  1. How exciting, Rosie! Your three pieces look marvellous! I will always be partial to the Face of Hedera! What a stunner!! XOXO


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