Peggy-Sue – Junkette!

Meet “Peggy-Sue” – Junkette extraordinaire! Every so often I get the urge to make something completely silly… and it’s all Christina’s fault this time! It’s her birthday (Happy Birthday, girl!) and the Inspiration Flirtation for this week is to show her your J-U-N-K, yes, JUNK! That’s how Peggy came to exist…

You know the tissue paper they wrap oranges and tangerines in? Well, I thought they had possibilities when I first took one off a piece of fruit at work (fruit n veg market stall, Wednesdays!). I use them as small ‘mop-up’ sheets, and wrinkly backgrounds… but tonight, one of them became Peggy’s skirt. Some faux flowers and an old clothes’ peg and she was almost complete. The blinging jewellery came from a little girl who looks at my blog posts and knows (bless her!), that I have a ‘thing’ for beads! Thank you Beth!


I stuck her into a bar of soap because she wouldn’t stand still to be photographed – kept rolling about! Gosh, I am getting sillier by the minute and it’s time I went to bed! ‘Night all… *waves*

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  1. Rosie! I love her! She sounds very special and like she already has a mind of her own! Atta girl! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!
    p.s. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes from overseas! I think that is a first for me… what a lovely day!


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