Art Creations Friday #15

ACF gave us another great image to use in our artwork this week – okay so I’m a bit late! I’ve been on my feet for 10 hours solidly today, I ache all over – it was very cold on the market and every time we got warm and removed our jackets, it clouded over and threw down more sleet, hail and wintry showers!

So, I’m not really feeling the creative love enough this evening to hobble upstairs and get into the ‘groove’… but I did just get hooked on making stencils using Photoshop! I’d read about it yesterday (methinks), over at Art and then I saw what Elizabeth has been doing and I thought I’d have a go myself! So here are 2 digital collages I have just made using “Granny”:


Very basic I know, but enjoyable! I took the liberty of also using an ACF background from one of their previous challenges. This one I made with a scanned background I made myself the old-fashioned way last year!!


You can see from the occasional white bits that I wasn’t able to totally eradicate all the bits in her clothing, but I’m pretty pleased with them anyway, considering they’re the first ones I’ve ever done!! 🙂

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  1. They are beautiful, your Granny;’s ! It was fun to use here picture wasn’t it;o)

  2. Great pieces Rosie – I see a new addiction coming on!

  3. carolann

     /  March 5, 2009

    These are brilliant Rosie well done hun xxxx

  4. both are great Rosie!! great idea to create a stencil of the image!!

  5. Your grannys are beautiful !!!


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