Peeking Duck!

Rosie & Linda always have great challenges on their Awfully Big Art Adventure blog, and I try and participate every week. I seem to have had a very busy fortnight lately, running around with cars and what-not, so i am late posting my altered blank(s). I can only post this one  as the 2 boxes are still drying!!

He’s a lot of fun though… I have had a few wooden blanks for at least a couple of years and I chose to use this little duck today:


He’s 3″ x 2″ max. and I first covered him with a bit of crumpled, distress-inked text. While I was sticking and cutting, the absurd phrase “Peking Duck” as in Chinese food, came into my head. It’s my birthday tomorrow and we’d normally have Chinese except that our local one isn’t up to much, so…

Then I remembered an image I’d seen on The Little Black Things collage sheet from Ten Two Studios so this is what happened next:


Cool, huh!!!! In keeping with the Chinese theme, I added plain Asian text to the back – here (also available from Ten Two Studios) and tomorrow I shall pop a pinback on him and wear him!! I really am a bit nuts, aren’t I?!


I love altered art and the fun you can have with ordinary objects! Does it show? 😉

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  1. Rosie

     /  March 6, 2009

    You made me laugh with this one! Love the pun and those eyes! All this and you can wear it too, just brilliant. Thanks for being with us on our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA

  2. I love your peeking duck! Does that make me nuts too?

  3. Happy birthday, Rosie! Love, love this. Makes me nuts too. Hehe. Thanks for the inspo! =)


  4. What a transformation , its fab, Jaqi

  5. I somehow missed this post – so sorry Rosie! And its such fun…I love it.
    You have a great sense of humour I can see……


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