But is this really art???

It’s been a bit of a madhouse here today… I got a cuppa in bed in honour of my birthday, made us a birthday cake (orange and lemon drizzle, cos I only had 1 lemon!), cleaned the kitchen and had visitors this afternoon! Lots of laughter and some cool pressies too – awwww, I have loverly friends, even if we are a bit nuts!

I wanted to create this evening, but haven’t the energy for paper, paint, etc. so I played around in Photoshop with the image given to us by Art Creations Friday:


Here’s the first one I did… using a mask/stencil, manipulated to form a frame.


I think it’s rather funky! And with this one I was playing with the opacity and layers, cutting and blurring!!


It’s very challenging, seeing DH only has time for a quick glance now and then… but I am learning.

Meanwhile, I have been watching the first in a new series of one of my all-time favourite programmes: Criminal Minds. I am so glad it’s back on!

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  1. ann b1

     /  March 7, 2009

    deffo agree with you about criminal minds Rosie, i thoroughly enjoyed it love your artwork too.

    and happy birthday again….

    its me Ann from auntys….

  2. Great takes on the challenge – thinking outside the box. I love that.

  3. Happy birthday Rosie!!! And love both your entries, the first looks very unusual, great work.

  4. both are fabulous Rosie!!!

  5. Great card! Beautiful background!!

  6. Fiona

     /  March 7, 2009

    Thank you Rosie. I didn’t realise Criminal Minds was back on and I am in time to see a repeat so I didn’t miss the beginning of this series. Thank you so much.

    Great artwork too – have fun

  7. OK Rosie, I had trouble even seeing the image in “Reflections” but I really loved the design. Then I found there were 4 images that formed that neat design. Great work. And the lavender lady one is beautiful too.

    We also enjoy watching Criminal Minds. I can’t remember which night it comes on, though.

    Have a great weekend and continue celebrating that birthday!

  8. ellen

     /  March 7, 2009

    happy birthday!

    I think it’s amazing what you did with it., i ‘m still puzzling how you did teh first one.


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