Altered puzzle pins – 2cre8art

2cre8art is a monthly challenge with a full-blown pictorial showing you the artist’s process – so you always have an example to follow if you get stuck! I used rather large puzzle pieces I found at the Car Boot last week – a) they were brand new and b) they’ll also make fab collage items and fridge magnets… This really turned into a statement piece – in my opinion:


The little hearts are blue and purple abalone from a bracelet I took apart – shame they didn’t scan well. The flower isn’t green, it’s blue… and I think this is very much a case of ‘less is more’. Not like me at all, but hey! The image is from The Little Aqua Things sheets at Ten Two Studios – my favourites!

Have you seen the latest Matchbox Shrine sheets…. “Rosie’s Beach Huts“! You have to see these – they’re fab – just right for summer, popping little shells and bottles of coloured sand into… they’re wonderful – not my design, just based on images of beach huts you can find on the coast here in the UK.

I made another 3 or 4 of these last night, having so much fun with them, but I do think they’re a bit on the big side for an ‘everyday’ art pin!! It’s the kind of thing I’d wear to a Craft Fair to get attention!!

It’s such a glorious day for a change, I have been outside hanging the washing on the line, playing with the dogs, dismantling a PC keyboard ‘cos I wanted the defunct keys and loading the car with clutter because…. we are moving in about 5/6 weeks’ time – yay!! We found a super bungalow with a roof conversion in Bude and I just can’t wait!

I have 2 sets of accounts to submit before I start packing. but that’s what you do on grey days, right? 😉

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  1. what a nice piece you made with a lovely image

  2. Rosie, you are such a talented person that I know you have received so many awards that perhaps one more is overload. However, this one is a little different and I wanted to highlight your blog as one of my 10 most favorites. Please check out what I wrote about you and let me know if I should edit it in any way. And do pick up the award. Thanks, Faye.

  3. I just love to see the wonderful creations you come up with…and this is no exception. She’s great…and I love the abalone hearts. Gorgeous!
    Peace & Love,

  4. love your take on the challenge chickie
    what a gorgeous image and nice touch with the beads and hearts


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