Yellow – Inchy by Inch

My friend Fi has an Inchy challenge which I am guilty of forgetting to do, but I did tell her I’d join in this week, so as the theme was yellow and I had a scrap of yellow card, an appropriately sized rubon and a yellow wire-stemmed flower on my desk, I really had no excuse, did I?


Doesn’t it look huge?!! It really is an inch squared!! I should make these more often as they’re a lot of fun and I’m hoping Lisa will make some Inchy sheets later this year when she’s not so busy.

Meanwhile, I am thinking about finishing off the first set of Comapny accounts for DH’s charitable org. tomorrow and then getting our own sorted, while he’s busy telling me how many boxes he’s packed, ready for the move!

I’m getting excited at the prospect of living near the sea again… and walking the dogs by the Canal or the beach… and generally chilling out in the super bungalow we have found in Bude. I am just not looking forward to packing away my arting stuff… it’ll probably be the last thing I do pack! 😉

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  1. Gorgeous inchy Rosie – thanks for joining in – good luck with the move – just think – when you unpack all your arty stuff it will be like Christmas – especially as there will be bits in there you’ve forgotten about and will get to find all over again!

  2. First off, I want to let you know how much I love this “inchy!” So much so, I feel inspired.

    I love this! Every Tuesday I feature five artists who have inspired me on FAT (Featured Art Tuesday) Artist spotlight. I would like to feature you and your blog and this Inchy for FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight. Your artwork is just exquisite.


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