An award from Faye!

I received this award from Faye last week and am very honoured, grateful and flattered to receive it – thank you Faye!


And here is how it works:
1. The winner of the Award places the logo on her blog.
2. She makes a link to the person who sent the award to her.
3. She nominates 10 blogs (one each day).
4. She links to these ten blogs.
5. She leaves a message on the blog of the nominees.

Now I have to pass this along to the bloggers who are in my Top 10 Favourites – 1 each day for the next 10 days. This is convenient as we’re moving in a few weeks’ time and I have a few projects in the making for my DTs, so this way I can blog daily and remain sane… (as if!!)

DAY 1. My first pick has got to be my BBF Barbara (Artiphy the Heart). She’s a very talented freelance artist who is generous with her knowledge and her humour! When I asked her a few questions about acrylic paints and different mediums (via email) last year, I received back an Information pack, typed in her own fair hand!!

Barbara graciously explained the differences between the products I was interested in and probably saved me a small fortune as I bought what was right for me at the time… she and I also share a strong sense of the ridiculous and although her awesome talent intimidated me a little at first, I found a kindred spirit in her “anything goes” attitude! She also writes beautifully and logically about being an artist on her ‘other’ blog – ArtiPhacts.

I defy you not to enjoy her artwork, her style and her whimsy… 🙂

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  1. I am overwhelmed with the nice things you say! Rosie, you are a dear friend, and I am so grateful that we met in blogland! You MUST be my first recipient of this award!! But of course you don’t have to do the blog-a-day thing twice–unless you want to! THANK YOU!!! I am honored beyond words!!! XOXO


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