Crusade #30 – Cat got your tongue?


So we journal… as in write in our art journals… and show how we use words and journalling. I am a great lover of the written word – no surprise that I’m a qualified language teacher, is it?! I have a huge problem with grammar and spelling – I once watched an English film with a class which had english subtitles and I even found errors on that! Obsession? Absolutely!

As a lot of people know, we’re moving home very soon and my life revolves around work, home and packing ready for the big day, at the moment, so I haven’t had much time to create, let alone feel creative! However, last night I found the time to manically doodle and journal, so that this evening I could paint and colour my pages. I found putting down my thoughts about being a mother very cathartic. It’s amazing how many hats we wear as women, isn’t it?


I’d used a black sharpie to write my thoughts down and I used gesso painted over the words to conceal them slightly. But that wasn’t really the point of the exercise (or therapy!), so I sponged on red paint, followed by blue and then linked the words that were important with black pen outlines. The white souffle pen came later, after a little shading round the heart.

This next page was a way of releasing some of the simple thoughts about the moving process – much more writing and doodling, coloured with Aqua Pastels and waterbrushed out. The faces at the top of the page were almost an afterthought, but I think they have a great deal of significance and I hope they become representative of how I’ll feel this time next week when all our belongings are in the new home!


I see quite a flow of freedom in this page… let’s hope it’s an omen!! 🙂

Thanks Michelle for once again teaching me how I work and why it works!!

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  1. I am drawn to the last page…the flow of the letters and the drawing is really lovely.

  2. It feels so good to just let go and let it flow, doesn’t it? Awesome pages, so full of life and expression of just what’s going on in yours right now.

    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥

  3. thanks for sharing your personal journal pages. they are inspiring!
    hope your move goes smoothly and creating a new nest is a joy for you!

  4. Rosie – I feel for you girl! I’ve moved many times. Hope all goes well. Thanks for taking the time during your transition to share your pages with the team. I liked learning that this crusade gave you an insight to your own process. (Love the Mum page – I didn’t see Cook or Chauffeur on your list – that’s what I feel like lately *grin*)

  5. great work Rosie,
    on my blog is an award for you, please take a look.

  6. I love your pages! I feel for you with the ‘upheaval’ of moving, too.
    Good luck


  7. You really captured the emotions of moving in both your words and art! I love the faces even tho an after thought. I can feel your thoughts and emotions just by looking at both pages. Beautiful art work in a time of stress!

  8. I especially like the faces on the last page and their progression of emotions. I often find that things I add as an afterthought or randomly are just what bring the page together.

  9. It’s more than a decade since I last moved – I hope I never do again. So I feel for you…
    I really like the way you outlined your thoughts in the first l/o – then wiped the gesso over the top; I think it is an intriguing combination.

  10. I know you mentioned how difficult it was to make art these days..but these pages came out really great! I don’t draw hardly and I love to look at how everyone uses sketches in their art…cool! Good luck with your move!

  11. K Hutchinson

     /  April 20, 2009

    Super RAD pages! I love how used colors and drawings in them! Good luck with the move! Moving really sucks the bag!

  12. Love the page on moving. I moved recently, and yes, it takes so very much thought, planning, and work, just to get from one place to the other.


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