Yummy mail!

I got yummy mail over the last couple of days… Stash from Jean for an “ATCs with a twist” swap on UK Art Swaps, 2 New Home cards and a couple of tiny things for the online art class later this month with JP.

The ATCs with a twist is interesting… here are the rules:

Put together an envelope containing enough ‘goodies’ to make 4 ATCs, including the backgrounds. When the partner list is posted, post off to your partner, who will then make a ‘set’ of four ATCs, three to be sent to the originator of the package, and one to be kept for themselves. You are free to add something of your own to the materials, but basically they should be made from what you receive.

My envelope from Jean contained a lot of stuff and I nearly fainted because I thought she expected me to use it all to make the 4 ATCs, but then I read the postcard that came with it… “a selection of arty bits for ATCs with a twist, PLUS extras!” What a relief!

There was a definite sea/ocean/aquatic feel to the backgrounds and other bits she sent me, plus 3 mermaid images, so I used these and the seahorse to make a (loose) set of 4:





The only thing of mine I’ve added is some pale blue art glitter to each ATC – like a sprinkling of fairy dust! I do hope she likes them… but which one do I keep? Do I send Jean the 3 mermaids or 2 + the seahorse? (secretly, my fave is the seahorse!)

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  1. Yes, I like the seahorse as well – but I also like the mermaids – what a lovely idea ….ATC’s with a difference.

  2. OK Rosie you can keep the seahorse,
    love what you have done with all the bits and pieces.
    look forward to receiving the finished work.
    Cheers Jean

  3. These aare lovely, great colours

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