Helping Hands

That’s our theme at MMM, chosen by Janny this week and she’s made a lovely collage to inspire us all. I found myself drawn to this image of little girls sewing beneath a vintage sewing machine – definitely their idea of  ‘helping hands’!! So here’s how my 5″x7″ canvas turned out.


Image: Stitch in Time Collage set from Ten Two Studios.

I’ve been prepping other projects too… I currently have 5 on the go! I’m altering a wooden tray, Asian-style, as a DT project; I have a gessoed board prepped for JP’s Layer Love class which begins next week; a couple of altered items in the first stages for Ria (Home Impressions) and a box of items to be altered for sale at Hatherleigh Festival later this month!

However, I was experimenting with caulk too this afternoon and created this wooden piece… on a recycled wooden stamp block.


This is so much lovelier in RL – I used some Stewart Gill buff shimmer paint for the base coat and it sparkles in the light! It’s a birthday gift/thank you for an arty friend and I think it’s right up her street!!

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  1. Great canvas, Rosie!

  2. Love the image you used and how you complimented it with your great ephemera

  3. Sandy

     /  May 12, 2009

    Wow Rosie these are brilliant.
    Unbelievable work. Love them.

  4. Beautiful work Rosie!

  5. The textures of the lace and metal and fabric are gorgeous, Rosie and the gessoed wood image just blows me away. Your creativity knows no bounds!

  6. Your canvas is so wonderful, love the image with all the helping children, great work.

  7. mixedmediamonday

     /  May 15, 2009

    Love your helping hands piece Rosie, and your caulk piece is wonderful too! Diane

  8. WOW, Rosie! So much beauty on your blog!!! But of course there always is!!! I love both of these pieces, but the altered wooden stamp block is just breathtakingly gorgeous! I’ll be back Monday, when I can really spend some time looking around and commenting, but I just had to stop now because the caulking piece is just heaven!! XOXO

  9. Some great pieces of work Rosie


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