Peace Gothic Arch

“Peace” is this week’s theme at GA and I knew straight away that I wanted to use my “Birdie” stamp in lieu of a dove, to symbolise Peace. I chose some green and silver handmade paper (as I am trying to use all the stash I have laying around…) for the background and all the stamped images are from my handcarved collection.

I cut my arch from the lid of a shoebox and the tree from the remains of that! The silver CND-discs are recycled from the Scrapstore – I just drew the “Ban the Bomb” logo on them with a black sharpie. I did use a pic of a dove from the oldest dictionary in my collection and the leaf is from a packet of pressed leaves I’ve had for yonks!


Here’s a pic of the handcarved stamps I used:


The corner stamp with all the “texture” I carved last night (and stabbed myself with the carving tool – first time ever!), is carved on the reverse of a piece of lino/vinyl flooring. It was hard going, but I do like the odd hatch effect. Actually, it was carving another small stamp on the shiny side that made me slip and cut my thumb… In all honesty, this type of stuff is quite tricky to work with, so I wouldn’t recommend it for carving stamps. However, it’s cheap and easily available for lino-cuts and bolder, less intricate designs, perhaps for textile-printing, which is something I shall try to find time for later this year!

Here are a few “Show n Tell” photos of my new workspace. Please don’t be shocked – I have the landing/gallery area upstairs and most all of my stuff is unpacked. I only got the table up yesterday and decluttering that will take a while! You can probably see why I am trying to use up all the stuff I’ve been collecting for a year or so… 😉


Those shelves behind where I sit were rescued from the downstairs bedroom and work wonderfully for me. I never had any shelves in the last house…


Isn’t the light from the Velux window amazing? And please note the prominent position of a mug of tea!!


The big IKEA sideboard holds so much stuff and I have labelled each drawer and the doors too. On top of that are my inkpads, books, pencil cases, another long skinny table with boxes of kids’ puzzles and more stuff. To the left is the plastic drawer unit housing most of my Wood and UM stamps, canvasses and paper plates for painting and there’s an assortment of stuff in the little drawer unit on the right.


My sewing machine sits on a camping table and beneath are boxes of fabric, etc.! To the left is a basket holding a few bits ready to be altered…


Did you spot my Ten Two Studios Collage sheet binder, open and beckoning?!! I have been working on several projects simultaneously this last week, which is probably why the table is so full… Well, I did say probably, didn’t I? *grins*

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  1. Gorgeous arch and I so enjoyed the artistic journey from beginning to finished product. Wonderful work.

  2. Great arch and your creative space looks amazing. You are so clever carving your own stamps!

  3. This is just beautiful, I LOVE it

  4. Great arch ! beautiful artwork.

  5. Good morning, girlfriend! Your arch is excellent and I love that you are able to carve your own stamps. I had to forego a program doing that because of my carpel tunnel and I so admire anyone that can do it. I sure hope your finger heals soon! Yikes. You must be happy to have your move completed and so pleased to see you have a good space to work your art magic in…with excellent lighting too. Be well, and no more accidents!

  6. Very beautiful arch !
    Your carved your own stamps? Standing ovation from me !
    (It’s not one that I ever manage to do successfully :-))

  7. Ang C

     /  May 17, 2009

    A gorgeous arch and what a fantastic workspace you have

  8. Love the arch, it is fabulous!!! Your hand carved stamps are all fantastic. Great talent. I’m afraid I’d lose a finger or more, I’m not to be trusted with sharp implements.
    Love your art room, the natural light is fabulous, and you’re very organized and have your supplies handy all at the same time.

  9. ellen

     /  May 17, 2009

    great arch and clever you to make your own stamps. Only yesterday I was thinking to make one with some lino but I couldn’t be trusted with that sharp gouge
    yours work well. isn’t it great to have adedicated craft area. wishing you lots of inspiration in there.

  10. I love your arch. You’re so clever carving your own stamps, I’d love to have a go at doing that. I love your craft room too, it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who has to label my drawers and doors so as not to forget where I put everything!!

  11. love your arch with the hand carved stamp. Wow, I am so impressed that you carved that intricate stamp. Beautiful work. Loved looking at your art room.


  12. Love seeing all that went into your arch….next time just skip the bleeding step! 🙂 I enjoyed seeing your work area..mine is almost done being revamped! Phew!

  13. I am in total awe that you can carve stamps! It is perfect for your gothic arch, and you’ve inspired me to give carving a try this summer. I think your workspace is going to be fabulous because you have so many storage pieces available to you. I know it seems overwhelming, but you’ll get everything sorted out, and, if you’re like me, in a few months you may refine your organizational strategy to better meet your needs. The important thing is: YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SPACE FOR THE EXPRESS PRPOSE OF MAING ART. How great is that?

  14. Love your work! I like to recycle things too so it was good to know I’m not the only one… The arch is SOOO beautiful!

  15. Love the carved stamps….remember doing a bit of lino cutting way back when at school.
    Your craft space is great it actually looks like someone creates in it!!!


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