Layer Love – #1

I took my first lesson in Julie’s Layer Love Class yesterday and finished it off this afternoon. I am not entirely happy with what I have produced, but I am ecstatic that I am learning to apply colour and work with different mediums to change the properties of paints… so here is my first background – an Aged Red Page.


My DD commented that it looks like the opening sequence to a James Bond film – where the shot is fired and blood drips down the screen? I think it looks a bit like a Vampire’s lair… but then I would, wouldn’t I?!!

Onwards and upwards. I hope I get time later this week to repeat this exercise… perhaps using different colours – maybe blues or greens… we’ll see!

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  1. Sandra

     /  May 22, 2009

    I found you whilst blog hopping and love your stuff….. I love that you’re brave enough to show your work even when you aren’t too sure about it…have no fear, it’s all about the journey and the learning process, I look forward to seeing more of your work

  2. It does look like it belongs in a James bond film!! Nicely done!

  3. It looks like lava! It is very cool and I really like it. OK it does look a bit like the opening of a James Bond movie too 😉


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