Thank God it’s Friday!

“Pin-ups” is this week’s theme (at TGIF) and I chose these beautiful ‘Deco’ ladies to adorn the bamoboo dominos on this cuff. I saw some cuffs earlier this year (I’ll post the link when I can find it again!), and I thought they were gorgeous. I do enjoy working with textiles and mixing it up, so I have been working on this for the last couple of days. Here’s my interpretation:




And here it is opened out…


The images and dominos are from Ten Two Studios – available in Mini and Dainty sizes. I like this very much and my next one will probably incorporate bottlecaps and some fancy fibres – similar but not the same!

All the beads are glass from the Dovecraft Colour Collections and the lace, heart, key and fabric are recycled. It’s very easy to stitch the dominos on, as they’re pre-drilled – you just need a long needle or a ‘pokey’ tool!

I’m away to my bed now as DH is fishing a charity 24-hour match tomorrow and Sunday, for which he’s getting up at 4.30am! That means I shall be too… and going straight back to bed as soon as he’s left! I intend to create my head off tomorrow and Sunday as there should be minimal distractions and I’m too tired to even wish to go anywhere!!

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  1. That is so beautiful!

  2. Sandy

     /  May 23, 2009

    Rosie, I´ve missed my words.
    This is absolutely incredible. Stunning work. Love them.

    Thanks Rosie for your Pin up´s to TGiF.

  3. Lynn Stevens

     /  May 23, 2009

    just gorgeous! I Love it!
    I made a cuff with leather and glass charms a while back, it was fun, Great job on yours!

  4. danisart

     /  May 23, 2009

    stunning work

  5. This is delightful.
    Fantastic artwork. I love it.

  6. You wrist band is lovely. Great pin ups.

  7. What a truly unique project, Rosie…I have never seen these created before…they are wonderful….what a cool idea!! Beautiful!


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