Created by Hand theme for this week! I made a large sheet of backgrounds a while ago, using instructions from Lisa Vollrath’s Go Make Something, called Serendipity… you use up scraps of paper, ink and stamp backgrounds and they make interesting ATCs, etc. This one features a dragonfly stamp that I love.


I love random speckles of embossing and mixed papers. It’s something I like to make when I’m stuck for inspiration… the mojo usually pops up when I least expect it and suddenly I have too many ideas in my head again!!

The weather here is lovely and I’ve managed to get so many things/chores out of the way over the last couple of days – makes you glad to be alive! So after dinner, I shall treat myself to a couple of hours of painting and dancing (we dance between layers you know, so they dry properly!). 🙂

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  1. very nice. Nice background too

  2. Wow! I love this! Thanks for taking the challenge!

  3. Rosie, I love the balanace of shapes and colors on this. Great entry.

  4. Wonderful and very creative!

  5. I dance between layers too! This piece inspires ME.

  6. This is nice!!


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