Sharing the (Layer) Love!

This is my latest painting following JP’s  wonderful class – Lesson 3 – Old World Golds…


I am learning loads and having such fun! This is my favourite one so far – I felt more in control as I worked through this page. I even went back and watched lesson #1 again and I understand it much better, so I look forward to doing that one all over again.

This one is really shiny and feels a bit like oilskin to me – or one of those vinyl tablecloths. And I got more and better drips this time, too! I know it sounds silly, but it’s such a boost to my confidence every time I overcome another tiny hurdle. Yay!! 😉

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  1. thanks rosie. i love the center of this, it is sooooo mysterious! and yes, this is really the most fun i’ve ever had taking a class, esp. on the internet. wanda

  2. your golds glow Rosie = beautiful!
    I so agree about it becoming more comfortable with each lesson, they build on one another don’t they
    I really enjoyed Lesson 4 using the crackle paste too!


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