Faerie Fay!

Fairies is Wednesday Stamper’s theme this week. I don’t like fairies and I don’t think they’re as sweet and angelic as they’re often painted. I have referred to this before and I stand by what I wrote then!! I think they’re far more likely to play mean tricks on you and give your hair a tug from the shelter of a tree or some long grass, than they are to be kind… but then I like the Dark Side (‘cos I’ve heard they have cookies!!)

Anyhow, I’ve been ‘puzzling’ again with my giant floor puzzle pieces and I used an image, slightly altered with my Neocolours, from my old Fairy Calendar, as the inspiration for this one:


I really like altering these – they are about 6″ x 4″ pieces, so plenty of room to collage. Stamps are latin text and “Art for art’s sake” from MaVinci; background is just smooshed distress inks, spritzed with water and the image is tinted with Neocolours II, water soluble wax pastels.

DD wants me to make a series of these and mount them onto a large canvas, showing my Gothicky and my softer side – like a progression from darkness to light… She may have something there! I think it’s an interesting concept.

I’m off to Tintagel again tomorrow – loooong day – and then helping DH get ready for the 2nd annual Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival, bless him! He’ll be gone at 5am on Friday morning and home in the early hours of Monday morning… so I get to paint in between working! Deep joy! 🙂

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, great shape of the puzzle piece.

  2. Wonderful fairy puzzle piece Rosie, glad you took the challenge 🙂 We’ve had computer issues and I am chomping at the bit to watch LL5!!!

  3. The series sounds like a FABULOUS idea to me because I love this one!

  4. What a super altered puzzle piece!

  5. Lovely image and what a good idea to use a puzzle! Beautiful!

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