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Street Team Crusade no.31 – “Make it your own…” Fascinating, absorbing stuff. Reading what Michelle wrote made me think about my artwork – see I still can’t call it “art” plain and simple! It’s a psychological barrier that will eventually crumble, but I have to work at it.

As some of you know, I have been taking an online Class called “Layer Love” with Julie Prichard (Land of Lost Luggage). I got to ‘know’ Julie via the Street Team Crusades and was pretty awestruck by her painting style, her attitudes and her quirky sense of humour. I may not follow her blog or comment regularly, but I have a feeling she was one of those people I was going to have a connection with somewhere down the line…

So, I found out about Layer Love from Patty (Magpie’s Nest) and went for it. It was exciting! Then I looked through the supplies list and realised I had some serious shopping to do – and not in a good way. I have never been to college or Uni, I am not a painter, just a wannabe! Boy, did I have a lot to learn… Babysteps! Julie was incredibly helpful with the shopping – I do 99% of mine online because I live where I do, miles from anywhere really useful in an arty sense!! JP sent me emails by Blackberry when she was out and about, taught me the differences between the mediums, made sense of the technical terms and properties for me, but I just wasn’t getting it, in all honesty.

Adrienne came to my rescue and told me where to buy online in the UK. What a Godsend… I went, I shopped, I got my stuff and I started to learn how to apply paint in layers, mixed with mediums, and other paint; make drips, glazes, use Neocolours… golly what a rollercoaster ride. I was copying what Julie did on the teaching videos, using colours that I had and trying my best to “Julify” my works.

I got frustrated at first – surely, this wasn’t meant to be so hard, but I was struggling. It wasn’t very good and all the others in the Group did it so much better than me. They made beautiful paintings with wonderful colours – most of which I have never heard of! They were brave, they were adventurous, they could collage in the true sense of the word… while I couldn’t even paint. Oh dear!

Then I found I wasn’t the only one not exactly ecstatic with her results. I was not alone. There were even people who’d been painting for ages who couldn’t “get” the blending and layering – imagine! So I got over myself and got on with it! And each lesson got a bit easier to follow… I got the hang of blending a bit more. I experimented with mixing colours of paint, I got quite daring! And my confidence grew, until ……………….

Today I completed Lesson #8 – a layer painting on a wood panel and I tried something that JP mentioned before – I used my palette knife to apply a glaze. This probably sounds ridiculous to you, but for me it was a real “Eureka” moment!!!! I had stepped outside the Julification process, taken a chance and “Rosie-fied” my painting – yay! Hurray! Break out the bunting and party!!!!

So here’s my version of Lesson #8 – called “Urban Spirit”. I have made this one my own, thanks to Julie (and Michelle too!):


Here’s a close-up of the lighter area – the ghostly bit!


And the bottom – Urban Spirit – cut the words from a clothing tag and added them right at the end.


As the Created by Hand challenge theme is Open this week, it fits perfectly with that too! 🙂

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  1. very nice

  2. rosie – congrats on taking the leap with layer love and our friend julie. happy to hear the lightbulb went off and you found your groove. nice looking piece. here’s to rosie-fication! thanks for sharing.

  3. Gotta love those light bulb moments! Woohoo! I really love that you added the little clothing tag.

  4. Its gorgeous!!

  5. This is beautiful. I love the gorgeous blue color.

  6. Beautiful! Love the depth you achieved.

  7. Hooray Rosie! It’s all about taking “leaps”, isn’t it? Plus the determination, the study, and the talent, but you’ve got it all! I’m glad you’re having fun with paint! I don’t know of a more satisfied artistic group than those who use paint. And I love the new blog look! Your yummy pieces really pop against the white!! I’ve truly missed my visits to your blog! Now I must catch up…what a happy prospect! XOXO

  8. Rosie, thanks so much for reading my blog post and for your insightful comments. I am so thankful for my internet friends and for you especially.

  9. Amen for Rosification…. I am happy to know of your eureka moment…and really happy to know you too! xo

  10. I love it!
    I just finished lesson 5, I’m sooooo behind and I had to go through the same shopping procedure (I never could paint and I’m a translator, not an artist) because I didn’t have any of the supplies save for some really good brushes.
    I love Julie’s processes, but I mostly have no idea what to do with them when I’ve done the background. I only managed to produce 1 finished piece 🙂

  11. Hey Rosie !

    You did some marvelous play with two of my favorite artist chick in Blogland, Michelle and Julie ! The layer love Blueness is gorgeous !

    Keep up the great playing !
    Cheers !

  12. Rosie,

    It is gorgeous!! Rosified to perfection.
    I have yet to attempt lesson 8. I got stuck on the pink lesson but I will persevere and hopefully have my own eureka moment!

    Keep on painting!

  13. Great piece, looks like you are enjoying your new creative experience.

  14. The blues you’ve got there are gorgeous. Glad you had an “aha!!” moment and could make it your own.

  15. Oh yes, I love all of those those yummy blues! Congratulations on your artistic ‘journey’ you hung in there and learned and you really ‘Made it Your Own!”

  16. WOW Rosie, fantastic Rosification you have going on! You should be well pleased, it’s a trimuph, I am working on the last lesson and must then return to my wooden plank as soon as the gesso dries 🙂


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