Tell me a story…

That’s what Diane asked for at Mixed Media Monday this week. She has painted a gorgeous canvas as an example and I have altered another giant puzzle piece!! The background is simply layers of glazes, using up leftover paint, and then I added a stamped image on text and a light wash with some gold pearlex chucked in! The very creepy images are from Ten Two Studios HERE.


I used to be an avid reader of Stephen King’s novels, till the one about the Sparrows flying… and then it all got a bit too far-fetched for me. The Shining kept me awake at night, gave me nightmares and I even had to turn the paperback round so I couldn’t see that little kid’s face when I turned out the light! That all seems ridiculous now, but I still shiver when I watch “It” and Pennywise the clown appears…

What/who creeps you out??? 😉

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  1. This is wonderfully creative! Love the puzzle piece and the images stir up the imagination!

  2. Sandy

     /  June 22, 2009

    Wow this is really cool.
    Stunning piece.

  3. mixedmediamonday

     /  June 23, 2009

    Rosie – what a wonderful piece, full of story telling. Love it. Also what a fantastic shaped puzzle piece – it makes a wonderful canvas for you to work on! Lovely stuff! Diane

  4. Seriously creative! Movies where the monsters are just red eyes shing in the dark scare the you know what out of me! Nightmare city!

  5. Ever so creative, Rosie. I love the puzzle piece concept. “Pet Cemetary” did it for me with Stephen King! I wouldn’t want to live in his head — there are things in there that go bump in the night. Thanks for scaring me!

  6. Great!

  7. Strangely enough, I have always hated circuses and believed clowns to be rather sinister characters so I am bound to love your take on this week’s theme. The frame you have used looks suspiciously like a “thumbs down”. Great, imaginative picture.

  8. Absolutely gorgoeus.

  9. Great image, very creepy! I actually really like scary books and horror movies, more so since I had children as I think I get a little bit overwhelmed with kids movies and books etc so now and again I need a little something to balance it all out. That’s why I know that my hubby is perfect for me. In his late teens early twenties he read Stephen Kings ‘It’ and loved it. So much so that he got the clown Pennywise tattooed on his shoulder blade, full colour in all it’s creepiness!! Took me a while to get used to waking up to that in the mornings I gotta tell ya!!! But now it’s just a part of him!!! Actually a good illustration it’s self really!!

  10. great story within a story and your puzzle piece is fab as well!
    I am a huge wimp when it comes to horror anything

  11. oh i love also the movies of stephen king, love your piece. Its great.


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