Ten Two = Four!!

Ten Two Studios is celebrating its 4th Anniversary on 5th July…. and you have the chance to win:

$400 worth of collage goodies if you leave a little comment love on the daily eye-candy posts between now and the 5th.

Click HERE to go check this incredible giveaway out… 🙂

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  1. Rosie, I was SO on top of this one! On day one I left my comment and I was not going to let one day go by without first checking in at Ten-Two-Studios…..then day two came, and I forgot!!! To make matters worse, it was your artwork that I missed! Well, I may be too late to comment there, but at least I can tell you here how much I LOVE those puzzle pieces!! Especially Alice in Wonderland, in red!! Oh well, there was good news in yesterday’s mail….I won the Sakura RAK at creative therapy, so that made me smile, but I’m so sorry I missed your day in the Ten-Two anniversary celebration. XOXO

    • Well keep entering Barbara… you may be on a roll!! xoxoxo

      Congrats on the Sakura win – woohoo! =)


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