Three Muses – Surreal

My idea of “surreal” art is probably that typified by Salvador Dali. However, times have changed and so have I… This one – set by The 3 Muses – got me thinking and subconsciously, I chose these particular images. Consciously, I chose the way I have put them together! Egg-Heads:


I am very grateful to Rian for the collage sheet freebie, from which I chopped the eggs!

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  1. Rosie this is so beautifully crafted and perfectly surreal. Bravo.

  2. This is surreally great, Rosie! You’ve used the eggheads to perfection, and entertained us all. Thanks for joining in our challenge!

  3. Wonderfully creative and fabulously surreal! Hugs, Terri

  4. Sandy

     /  July 10, 2009

    Yeah this is really surreal.
    Stunning piece. Love them.

  5. Rosie this is EXCEPTIONAL. Absolutely fantastic take on the challenge. I love everything about it. Wonderful artwork.

  6. Very powerful

  7. Wow, I like this a lot! Great idea!

  8. I love different…anything that you look at and you have to think or not think and just enjoy. I love this piece. I have began a new venture of making my own journaling pages and this is how I came across your blog. Glad I did!!!!

  9. This is terrific, Rosie…really like what you have done here…great art piece. Not a theme I am comfortable with, perhaps I am too conventional, ya think? lol.

    Have fun being the wife of a fisherman!

  10. Wonderful and fun and beautiful colours!



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