MMM – Play!

That’s the Mixed Media Monday challenge from Diane this week… Play! She has made a beautiful inspirational piece too – and as she rightly says, it’s very easy to get caught up in technique, perfection and self-criticism, instead of enjoying the creative process for its own sake.

I’m not good at jewellery, hence I prefer the term “wearable art”. It’s my way of saying I can’t make jewellery that is technically lovely, but I can produce small pieces of art that are fun to wear! Here is a pair of earrings I made a couple of days ago, to go with a pendant. I used a pair of acrylic/clear bases, twinchy size and images from The Little Victorians collage sheet.



Thanks to a really lovely friend, who thoughtfully bought me a mini-vice for my birthday, it was a lot easier to put these together, so thank you Debs! 🙂

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  1. Beautiful! A mini-vice, huh? Sounds feminine macho!! lol

  2. Really beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous earrings

  4. you are great at eerything!! fab earrings! the things you ladies come up with.. inspirational

  5. Your earrings are really lovely Rosie, on point gives them added interest. Wearable art is a great “term” too!!!

  6. The earings are simply beautiful.


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