Buried Treasure

Seth Apter asked us to revisit a favourite past blog post as a way of seeing how far we’ve come on our artistic journey… I chose this one “Image transfer for dummies”

Buried Treasure

I think the reason I chose this post is because I felt so pleased with myself when I got the result that I was hoping for – like, “Yay! Success – go me!!” I hadn’t got the fearless confidence then, that I seem to have acquired now. In those days, getting a decent image transfer was a real confidence-booster… I became a bit obsessed – like I was obsessive about carving stamps!


My art obsessions are phases… I wonder if everyone else is like that? I have frequently referred to mayself as a “Jack of all trades (or should that be styles?) and Master of none”. I think the reason I’m like that is that, deep inside me, there is the “art-child”… never content to stick with one thing, but to keep exploring, craving the next fix, adventure, technique, whatever. It’s definitely a Journey, not a destination…


The turning point for me and my art came a couple of years ago when I joined Next Generation Stampers and discoverd Trish Bee – self-confessed background and technique junkie! She said “Make Art Every Day” and “Art is not Perfect”, which I found incredibly inspiring. It was like giving me permission to play and discover the joy of creating for its own sake. I joined in swaps and challenges, hoping for acceptance and encouragement and made many blogging pals along the way!


My artblog was full of images of what I create, how I do it – sharing what I have learned along the way because it’s a way of giving back to all the talented art-bloggers who inspired me, taught me new things and helped me to grow. Then, I discovered the Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusades and found another artist who became very instrumental in my growth – Michelle Ward.


The Crusaders are very special people – artists who bare their souls and share their art every month, prompted by Michelle’s call to arms! She writes up a new challenge for us and we dive right in and enjoy the process. I always disciver and learn from them!

On a personal level, I have become an ‘altering’ nut – I see ‘conversions’ everywhere – and my poor family put up with all the “future projects” I collect, step round the boxes of “junk” in the hall, under the stairs and even in the garden shed/garage… When we moved, I packed up 12 boxes (various sizes, granted), filled with papers, tools, junk, and rubber stamps, paint, pencils… you can imagine! Nothing was wasted, much was passed on to the kids of friends – reluctantly, I admit! – and all the vital things came with us. It must be lovely to be a specialist; to just be into textiles or fabric, or cardmaking or painting! Unfortunately, I love creating with all of those…


Is there any hope for me? Lol! I don’t think so!!!

I apologise to those like Elizabeth and Bluebear, who came in search of Buried Treasure yesterday and just found a lot of blog posts (thanks for saying they are cool though!)… I was working all day and didn’t have time to write a decent post, so I’m a day behind.


Now I’m off to see everyone else’s posts – intriguing, isn’t it? 🙂

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  1. Well I’m gald I popped in when I did. Lovely. I also play with lots of media, can’t help myself. An idea comes and… off I go. Dread the thought of ever moving, I’d need a separate truck just to carry the arty stuff! LOL!

  2. Glad to know I am not the only one that can not bear to part with treasures.

  3. I love all the pieces that you chose to share – especially the altered puzzle piece and the one right below it … thanks for digging up these little gems!

  4. These pieces are beautiful! I like the puzzle piece too. I’ve seen them lately in some people’s work. I think it’s very creative. It’s inspirational seeing everyones’ work. Some of your pieces look like they could be earrings (although I’m not sure what their actual size is). Or a pendant for a necklace. I’d love to make my own earrings using your technique. I’m going to have to study your blog further, to figure out how you made them. I haven’t made jewelry in awhile (I use beads, findings, etc. that I get from http://www.firemountaingems.com).

  5. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Interesting to see that you mention Trish Bee, I often pop in and browse her site. I too find that I love to try new techniques and she does have a few to try.

    I have tried several transfer techniques and find that they are often pot luck (?) must try this one – haven’t come across it before. Cheers

  6. I really like your pieces. I haven’t had much luck with transfers myself. I get so busy working on samples (DT) stuff that I forget to have fun and experiment. Trish Bee is a big inspiration for me too.

  7. Well Rosie, when I read this post it felt as though my own heart was speaking. I can’t resist (nor stop) playing with all kinds of ‘stuff’ and ‘styles’.
    All your work is inspiring and beautiful, thanks so much for your generosity and sharing!

  8. Your puzzle piece,are so wonderfull, and the other pieces too-
    You are doing beautifull things.


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