“Art in the Round” – set by The Three Muses (Bev) this week… she made a very beautiful example for us and I wondered what I could show that was round before the end of the week? I admit to being super-tired this evening, needing a shower and for those reasons, I am sharing this dinky Tiara that I made a while ago for the Midsummer Night’s Dream Fun Day. I don’t think I’ve blogged it before because it was so awkward to photograph well!

It started life as a plain brown plastic hairband. Then I used blue netting, wire, beads and some bits of broken costume jewellery to transform it. I also added some images from Ten Two Studios to make little features – both sides of the cards in the spirals. Hope it fits the bill!!



Ain’t craft wire a beautiful thing?!! I expect that people who read the title to the post will think I’ve completely lost the plot, but if you remember old musicals, you’ll get it… 😉   If you don’t get it, then I really am getting old!!!!

In other news, I took some altered cutlery and a booklet-pendant (otherwise known as a pendant-booklet) into a local commercial art gallery this week – to be displayed, and hopefully, sold!! Here’s a link to the gallery in Bude:

The Seventh Wave Gallery… is that not the coolest name for a gallery ever???

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  1. This tiara is beautiful! The details on it are wonderful. Great colors too. And I remember the song, so I hope I’m not aging myself too. 😉

  2. At first I thought Tiara was a type and you meant Ta ra ra boom de aye,,,,but you are far too clever for a typo. I LOVE a play on words, and this is priceless. (I’m old too). The tiara is also priceless…fit for a queen! Thanks for joining in, Rosie!

  3. uh er that’s supposed to read “typo” not type .. DUH

  4. Aw, this is so cute and clever, too!
    Good luck with your gallery items!

  5. taluula

     /  August 5, 2009

    It certainly does fit the bill Rosie it’s beautiful and I admire your skill and talent. Clever, clever lady!

  6. What a beautiful tiara Rosie- lovely idea with delicate and wonderful results!

  7. Lost the plot, eh? Far from it, m’thinks…clever entry!
    I”m the clueless one……have NO IDEAR as to yer hints a la musicales…and I”m a 50’s carnation-fed babe!

  8. Great job!

  9. This is fun, cute and clever!!

  10. This is very impressive.
    Stunning work.

  11. Lovely work – do we get to see a picture of you wearing it too?!
    Ali xx

  12. This is so beautiful! What a creative and original idea.

  13. It looks great, so clever

  14. Rosie, I have no idea how I missed this one because I am (or think I am) so careful to comment on every single entry at the Three Muses. I am sorry that this comment has been a long time coming. I came to see your latest two pictures and I found your Art in the Round piece which is stunning and beautiful. Thanks for joining in and hope to see you back for “hats” this week!!


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