Seeing blue and green!

I’m Guest Hosting at Mixed Media Monday again! Diane is so great having me back and I do so enjoy picking a theme and seeing you all interpret it. I chose to paint an IKEA cheapie mirror a la Layer Love, using a new colour green I couldn’t resist – Viridian Hue – a gorgeous emerald colour. When we took the Layer Love class Julie did warn us that she likes blue and green paintings and I totally get it!

I went back and did a few of the lessons all over again, to see if I could improve/had improved and this was a mixture of Lesson#2 and Lesson#8 (if I remember rightly). Here it is:


There are so many layers I lost count!! I prepped this mirror before we even moved, covering the entire border with text scraps, overlapped and painted with gesso. Then I started building up the layersof paint, after first covering up the mirror in the centre with a couple of coasters. I added a few collage elements, including the ‘stamped-on-text Crow’ from The Gothic Plate (Home Impressions)


I really love the fact that you can still see the grain of the wood faintly! Yes, those are my crooked fingers in the reflection!! Here’s the crow…


Can you see the word “Bird” scratched into the glaze at the bottom? I learnt to ‘write’ and doodle all over these layered paintings – Julie’s a terrific teacher! I can’t wait to sign up for the SuperNova Art Journalling class she’s been preparing. Sign up and registration open next week – August 15th and if it’s anything like her first online class, I bet it’ll be hugely enjoyable, immensely satisfying and the chance to acquire a new skill set (for me, anyway!).

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  1. Rosie, your painting and colours are mind-bogglingly beautiful and a great inspiration for your fellow bloggers to join in your challenge this week.
    Fantastic work.

  2. ooooh, lovely! Delicious colors. Wonderful creation!!!

  3. Thanks so much, Rosie!!

    I love this mirror….AND I don’t have Viridian Green..I’m totally on the look out for it now!


  4. Fabulous depth of colour, very atmospheric piece.

  5. This is wonderful, love it!

  6. It’s beautiful! I do have a mirror like that lying around somewhere, now I just got to find it… 🙂

  7. What a beautiful creation!!!

  8. Hi Rosie!!!

    thank you for hosting this wonderful challenge!!! it was so much fun and I love this colour combo!!!

    Have a wonderful Monday!!!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors! I’m partial to the one with the crow. Well done!

  10. I adore this amazing piece!

  11. Wonderful artwork and beautiful colours, Rosie.

  12. Fantastic!

  13. Rosie this is beautiful and delish… the paint and layers are fantastic!! I’m working on masering those ‘drips’, as I was unable to take Julie’s class 😦
    Will definitely sign up for the next one though! I love seeing your hands!!!!

  14. Rosie, your inspiration piece is really gorgeous. I love blue and green together and I also like viridian.

  15. mixedmediamonday

     /  August 11, 2009

    Rosie – this is a stunning piece! I’m not great having you back again, you are wonderful to help out so often. Thanks again1 Diane

  16. This is fabulously yummy! What incredible colors! I love your layers upon layers in this piece! It’s so gorgeous! …..and speaking of gorgeous, I’m amazed that an artist can keep such a gorgeous set of fingernails amidst all the paint, inks, solvents, glues, etc. we expose ourselves to! I’ll confess immediately that mine are not so pretty….!!!! XOXO

  17. I have an award for you on my blog….your friendship means a lot to me!!!


  18. Rosie- This is just gorgeous! I really enjoy reading about the process and your work on this as I have all of the entries that I have seen. I did love what you wrote about your DH, and sorry that I didn’t reply to your inspirational piece! Cheers, Christen

  19. Lynn Stevens

     /  August 15, 2009

    I Love blue and green also, a wonderful choice and your piece is so inspiring!


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