Diane chose “Stars” as her theme this week for Mixed Media Monday and has created the most gorgeous canvas to inspire us! I am taking a different approach and sharing a canvas I painted for a lovely woman whom I am proud to call my friend (well, our friend, to be truthful!) We see each other nearly every week at market and despite the tragedies that have beleaguered her in the past year, she always has a beautiful smile and a huge hug for us (that’d be me and DH)!!

I love her dearly… she has that rare combination of beauty that shines from within and is also very lovely to look at – a glamorous Granny!! She’s in her late 60s, but you’d never believe it and she can talk to anyone on any level. Jan is a total STAR… and terribly well-spoken, hence the nickname “Posh”. 😉


The tiny face is from Third Coast RS – ideal for popping into a corner, isn’t she?!

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  1. Fabulous piece, Rosie!

  2. Very beautiful, I love it

  3. Wonderful piece ! love it!!

  4. Rosie, this canvas you made for Jan is so beautiful, just as you say that she is. But from your remarks, I can see that you yourself exhibit a lot of compassion and caring. Ergo, a beautiful canvas from a beautiful person to a beautiful person. What a joy you must be to this dear friend as she is to you!

  5. Wow – this is very impressive.
    Stunning work.

  6. oh wow Rosie!!! this is amazing!!! and so thoughtful…I am sure your friend will be so thrilled with it…


  7. What a lovely expression of appreciation for a valued friend! She will treasure it, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your friend. Your artwork is wonderful and the thought behind it is so touching. Fantastic!

  9. What a thoughtful tribute and a wonderful gift.

  10. B

     /  August 17, 2009

    This is a wonderful tribute and a beautiful piece of art.

  11. So beautiful and heartfelt! I love that background:-)

  12. mixedmediamonday

     /  August 19, 2009

    Rosie, thankyou for sharing this wonderful piece of art. You can tell it was made with love, and I’m sure it is treasured by Jan! Diane

  13. This is a lovely canvas what a lovely tribute for your friend!!


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